Xbox One X's 40% faster GPU offers 100% resolution boost over PS4 Pro?

Even though the Xbox One X GPU is 40% more powerful than that of the PS4 Pro, it is capable of delivering resolutions twice as high. Over-delivering?

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Sciurus_vulgaris102d ago

You don’t just compare GPUs by clock speed.

Ulf101d ago

I agree. The bandwidth and sheer amount of VRAM are big factors, as well. The Xbox One X ability to process a pixel is greater than a simple multiplication of the clock by shader pipelines -- it's ability to feed those pipes is greater, as well.

101d ago
Septic101d ago

Absolute merkage. The Xbox One X truly is a beast man.

101d ago
strifeblade102d ago

this is incredible, how to one x just eclipses the pro.

ElementX102d ago

Total eclipse of the heart

Trueflames102d ago

Well they don't call it the beast for nothing