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Nicola Ardron: "Star Wars Battlefront II is a good video game, it delivers a fun campaign that allows you to act out pretty much all your Star Wars fantasies."

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Amyellevivv67d ago

I smell a lot of bullshit on this one.

4Sh0w67d ago

Why?....because he liked the game, pffft everybody doesnt have to suddenly think MT ruin a game, even if they dont like them, the game itself sounds great.

65d ago
Amyellevivv65d ago

Im sorry but to be short , i do not want good ratings on something that kills our way of gaming . If you want more of this and keep paying be my guest, have fun while good times will die.

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cooperdnizzle67d ago

These journalist and game reviews are about to give them self’s up as paid off curupt goons. Smart ones well stay as far away from this as possible, but all the major company’s ign gamespot will give this a pass. To the informed gamer this is going to send a shock wave through the industry!