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Star Wars Battlefront 2 review – Despite incredibly fun core gameplay and bucketloads of content, a convoluted and harsh metagame spoils the experience.

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Many-hat567d ago

I would like to thank the reviewer for including the P2W elements in his review, but more so, for reflecting them in his final score. Would you believe some reviews are ignoring MT's completely. Like them or not, ignoring them is poor journalism.

4Sh0w67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Well as unpopular as microtransactions/ loot boxes have become I disagree with the low scores basically when the rest of the game is otherwise great:

Very fun campaign
Multiplayer still excellent fun
Looks utterly gorgeous

Terrible metagame
Poor progression system
Poor payouts after matches
Almost encourages microtransactions

-Cons are all MT related= Personally I don't like microtransactions but they have never really bothered me gameplay wise, so I'm getting this game I'm going to ignore them as usual and enjoy the game. It just seems some sites love to jump on the bandwagon of whatever is trendy to hate at the moment...Ive never been one to care about popularity contests though.

Pintheshadows67d ago

Part of the problem right here.

4Sh0w67d ago

Nah, I remember the hate and lies for ME Shadow of War being pay to win and a grind fest. Yet compared to traditional open world games of the past it isn't a grindfest at all. Also you dont need to buy anything at all= alot of crying about what casuals spend their money on.

bigmalky67d ago

Shut up shill. MTs are greed in full priced gaming.

It's not a bandwagon when many gamers are infuriated by the system.

It creates the old rich vs poor division in what is supposed to be a fun pastime for most.

UCForce67d ago

I appreciate your honesty about the flaw of MT. Because it shouldn't belong in AAA games.

Nodoze67d ago

This echoes other reviews. The game itself and what is on offer is good. The progression system tied to monetization by the absolutely moronic executives at EA is not and brings the entire experience down.

EA is ruining their IP (and in this case their licensed IP). If I were Disney I would be reaching out to them to find out WTF they were thinking.

Let's step into an alternate reality in which all the lip service EA spouted at E3 was truly processed and acted upon. The hype WOULD be real. The reviews would be stellar. The buzz for the game would be about how EA DID listen and they delivered. Instead some jackass in the c suite decided he wanted to pimp out the Star Wars license even further and introduce progression paywalls.

It is a sad day for gaming.

PapaBop67d ago

Trusted reviews living up to it's name. I just hope we see more review sites take a bold stance on the MTs.

InMyOpinion67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

ACG is my go to guy for reviews. Always on point and goes into great detail while still being entertaining. Will be interesting to see what he thinks of SWBF 2.

InMyOpinion67d ago

I feel sorry for the devs. The craftsmanship is always top notch with DICE. It's a shame they chose to go with EA as a publisher. It especially sucks when you know that there's a great game underneath all the shortsighted monetization design choices.

Tru_Blu67d ago

IMO Dice has been going downhill since BF3.

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