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If you're a Star Wars fan, do yourself a favour and get this fine piece of entertainment. The production values are top notch, and makes for a deeply satisfying Star Wars journey.

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mafiahajeri67d ago

umm yes. The games really fun, the beta was a blast, especially in 3rd person. Apart from the loot boxes this game is actually really fun.

Gives me my shooter fix since I passed on COD.

Daeloki67d ago

I just wrote a really long rant, but explaining it all to you would be like trying to communicate with a vegetable...

anticooper67d ago

dont buy mt and lootbox games like starwars bf2 because....... Naah duck it,why explain,when you dont get it,:(

SegaGamer67d ago

"Apart from the loot boxes this game is actually really fun."

Even you are saying the loot boxes are a flaw. This site doesn't even add them to their overall score. The game revolves around loot boxes, it should have a huge impact on the final score, no matter how fun the game is to play.

VerminSC67d ago

I honestly don’t feel like it’s a bad game at all judgin by the beta, I just wish they wouldn’t include micro transactions! It’s ruining a good game DICE spent years making.

PlayableGamez-67d ago

It's probably not a bad game.
It looks quality!
But a $60 quality game with mobile gaming style business practices is in my opinion a glorified mobile game.
Not idea.

Many-hat567d ago

Yeah,VerminSC, but that's the point. It's the MT's most people are complaining about.

EatCrow67d ago

It's the pay to win model. Not necessarily the MTs.
If the MTs were purely cosmetic then there would be less complaints. Though I'd argue content in a game should never be locked behind pay walls.

Rimeskeem67d ago

From what I have heard from streamers is they did actually fix the progression system before launch.

Chexs199067d ago

The review copies they sent out, were tampered with, so you unlock everything faster.

Rimeskeem67d ago

Ah, didn’t know that. My apologies.

warriorcase67d ago

Possibly, but watching Mike Huber at Easy Allies on youtube now and he's crapping all over it with his review copy. Doesn't sound good.

Chexs199066d ago

@Rimeskeem No worries, just wanted to update ya :D

Daeloki67d ago

You're thinking about the price drops on heroes? Sure, that they did, but they also reduced the amount of credits you earn from activities...

EatCrow67d ago

Wow I hadn't heard that one lol.
So the reduction is really illusionary.

PlayableGamez-67d ago

I gave you a like because I felt bad. :[[

Artemidorus67d ago

Must of had a free copy given to him by EA to review.

Yonkiedoodle67d ago

It's pretty standard for media copies to be free.

Artemidorus67d ago

They do ask to point out the positives in reviews.

-Foxtrot67d ago

I’d probably say free Star Wars goodies, press kits and the like

They sell for a shit load on eBay, take a gander of them, just type game press kits in

Kun_ADR67d ago

This reviews. Lmao. I read it and it is full of EA’s ass kissing.

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The story is too old to be commented.