Why For EA - There's Never A Tipping Point

Screen Critics Shaun explores the Star Wars Battlefront II uproar, asking how EA keep getting away with such negative practices.

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strayanalog194d ago

I think EA gets away with so much because they know how to capitalize on how a lot of gamers have this "everything now" mentality these days. Yes, EA causes harm. Yes, they have negative practices. And yes, many people disagree with them. The only solutions I can think of to stop them is to tell all those "now" people to stop, which is definitely unlikely, or all rally together, because not buying their product doesn't seem to slow them up. Ideas, anyone?

TwistedV193d ago

I think as long as the majority of gamers are sheeple there is no way in hell we can stop this...

Seraphim193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

More like casual/mainstream gamers. They're the majority who gobble up EAs products & MTs. Be it sports titles or otherwise. That is their target audience, their bread and butter along w/ a topping of hardcore sports gamers and franchise players.

Personally the last EA game I bought was the Dead Space series; 1-3. Take that back, think NFS Hot Pursuit came out after Dead Space 3. Anyway, the next and only EA game on my radar [aside from NHL 18 Black Friday] is Anthem. Which I'm hopeful for but deeply question whether they'll deliver. Probably be just like Destiny w/ a Vanilla launch and overpriced, lackluster DLCs. Not to say Destiny is a bad game because it's great. Just sucks continuously getting a vanilla game with so little content from each subsequent DLC for their price. Be nice to see Anthem deliver a decent amount of content out the box with DLCs that have some longevity.

j15reed193d ago

I play Madden and Fifa never once have I thought about buying cards or whatever else, it's all those gamers that have to master a game in a week so they can go blog about it or make a video.

PhoenixUp194d ago

Be careful not to choke on your aspirations EA

datriax193d ago

Because the world is full of stupid people? I think so.

DKCrew76193d ago


Article lost all credibility when it spelt his name wrong

Many-hat5193d ago

Even Rome fell,eventually. Simply remove the idea of EA from your gaming psyche and avoid. It's not like there isn't other stuff on the horizon. The gaming industry is teetering on the brink, with many developers and publisher's looking to exploit their consumers. As made clear in the piece, EA, will survive, but will gaming? Probably, not in the form it is now. As usual, it's your choice. Great gaming to all of you.

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