Bluepoint are doing Shadow of the Colossus justice | GodisaGeek

Ian Dransfield: "I am delighted to say the PS4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus is shaping up very well indeed."

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FallenAngel1984246d ago

Nice to see Bluepoint do a remake for once after doing so many quality remasters

Soulst0rmer246d ago

Agreed. This looks incredible

UCForce246d ago

Bluepoint is always on point. They never disappoint.

jaycptza246d ago

I see what you did there

-Foxtrot246d ago

They should be a Remake studio and remake games that deserve it

If someone like Sony wants to revive a franchise from the PS1 days get Bluepoint to do a Remake and then do a new entry the next year

UCForce246d ago

Well, Bluepoint do justice with remastered game especially the old PlayStation games. They did great job with Uncharted Collection. Uncharted 1 used Uncharted 3 engine which is still hold up to this day.

andrewsquall246d ago

I don't think so. They had to remaster Uncharted Drake's Fortune from the ground up in its own way. Back in the day Drake's Fortune used its own physics engine and they went with Havok for the sequels which was a shame.

It was DF that talked to Bluepoint about this back in 2015

UltraNova246d ago

Now that From soft is taking a break from the Souls franchise a Demon's Soul remake would be a dream come true!

Mister_G246d ago

Looking good....... I might double dip :)

guyman246d ago

I wouldnt really consider this double dipping since it looks like a completely new experience

Veneno246d ago

There may even be added extra features since this essentially an all new game. I would actually be disappointed if it was only an exact 1:1 version. They should put some newgame features. Not just tweaks.

guyman246d ago

And im incredibly lucky with this one, as i have never played SOTC in my life ;D

andrewsquall246d ago

Its weird the way people keep saying that. The music is redone in this remake for example and may turn out to be not as epic as the original so you will have missed out on this.

DreadGara246d ago

If Someone need to make this game a favor just slap it with a sequel.
I'm not interested for this remake, still have my PS2 & 3 copy 😒

Veneno246d ago

I agree they sbould at least add some brand new game features instead of just tweaks. Like a new game plus mode wbere the monsters are more difficult with new powers and such.

DreadGara245d ago

Tha would be interesting for sure.

Knushwood Butt246d ago

Bluepoint are awesome.
They did the 360 version of Titanfall? Interesting

andrewsquall246d ago

That ran fairly close to the same resolution of the next gen Xbone version lol. Yep, they are awesome.

shuvam09246d ago

So how about Legend of Dragoon, Syphon Filter, SOCOM and Motorstorm AE next :)

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