Assassin’s Creed: Origins On Xbox One X – How Big of A Leap Is It Over The PS4 Pro?

Head to head comparison between Xbox One X and PS4 Pro versions of Assassin's Creed Origins.

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Sm00thNinja400d ago

Why the PRO colors so vibrant? Is that really how they each look?

Neonridr400d ago

I guess it depends on how the RGB is set on each system. It's possible the Xbox One X isn't using the same RGB range.

4Sh0w399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Gamingbolt isn't exactly saying much here that we don't already know= X looks and performs better in every category as DF already confirmed, the caveat is it's not as noticeable compared to other comparisons. No big deal, it's a huge heavily optimized game and they both look great.

TFJWM399d ago

@4Show Don't spread lies they said it looks slightly better with clearer shadows but performance was the same over both systems...

Neonridr399d ago

@TFJWM - the resolution boost in Assassin's Creed is up to 100% in some cases. That isn't slightly better.

TFJWM399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

@Neonridr 96% actually but that is before checkerboard rendering which MS themselves admits is true 4k...That is why it is still only slightly better... Eye test proves it

Neonridr398d ago

@TFJWM - a 96% resolution boost is a crap ton of pixels. Nothing that you would notice on a standard TV, but on a 4K set it would make a fair difference.

DJStotty398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

@tfjwm it is not checkerboard rendered on the xbox one X as stated in the article

S2Killinit398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

Well regardless of what numbers are being mentioned, we can SEE that there isnt much of a difference between the two.

“There are 3 types of lies:
lies, damned lies, and Statistics.”
Mark Twain

Neonridr398d ago

@S2Killinit - by watching a compressed video feed most likely on a 1080p monitor you can see the differences?

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Kingthrash360399d ago

A more helpful comparison would be a xbox one s vs xbox x comparison. They would sale more xbox x this way. Ps4 owners not gunna drop the investment especially if they bought a pro and see the minor differences. Vs the xbox one s you'd see just how much more powerful the xbox x is to the people who will buy it.

TFJWM399d ago

It would have a chance to push more sales but why would Gamingbolt care about that? This will get them more clicks...

jasonpugh399d ago

Why not? That’s all people got was minor differences when they upgraded from PS4 to PS4 Pro yet they still spent the $400.

OffRoadKing399d ago

Might have they opposite effect when they see the differences are still marginal in that case as well.

TankCrossing399d ago

But if Microsoft convince Xbox one S users they've gained nothing.

They need to convince PS owners, and they need to convince multi-console owners to get games and services on their side.

Ceaser9857361399d ago

Exactly KINGTHRASH the gap between the OG xbox one and X is huge then the Pro and X. And OG PS4 and Pro...

Raiden399d ago

I wouldn't purchase X if i already have the pro, but i would purchase it if i was upgrading on either console, i would buy only PS exclusives for the Ps and all other games on the X, it has better everything.

lio_convoy399d ago

I paid twenty bucks out of pocket for my PS4 pro thanks to a deal eb games had at launch. Traded in my regular PS4 and 10 games I didn't play anymore and 20 bucks cash and walked out with my Pro. I don't think I would've bothered if it wasn't such a sweet deal at the time. Consoles are getting pretty expensive. Anyway, I really like it and it looks and plays great. Hopefully the new XBOX owners out there like their shiny new system as much as I like my Pro! The games look pretty good on it!

Gunstar75398d ago

Buying a games console is not an investment

Ashunderfire86398d ago

I already got the Scorpio Edition along with the Pro for my 4K TV. Got to get the best of both worlds. Like the play anywhere with my PC to Xbox One X feature in certain games.

cbuc1125398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

@jasonpugh........On a 4K tv differences are more than marginal from OG to Pro. Get over it. From 1080p to 2160 checkerboard, 1800p, 1600p, and even 1440p are more than minor differences. Also some games run smoother, have better texture filtering, and better AO. If you dont want a Pro dont buy it, but dont lie.

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Sm00thNinja399d ago

@kingthrash ... ok but this isn't Microsoft pushing these comparisons it's gamingbolt

TankCrossing399d ago

Stop being cute. You know full-well that Microsoft pay the media and/or hold their families hostage.

KickSpinFilter399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

It also depends on monitor your looking at this on? Are you using a 4K HDR monitor.
That doesn't even put into play how compressed this video is.

DrumBeat399d ago

They're crushed, slightly. It's the same problem Xbox One had in the beginning, though not as pronounced here. Xbox's colors resemble PCs more closely now, where it used to be the other way around. No more high contrast or crushed colors for Xbox.

ziggurcat399d ago

"Why the PRO colors so vibrant? Is that really how they each look?"

they're using the wrong colour gamma.

Sm00thNinja399d ago

Well I like the PS4 better on this comparison lol

ziggurcat399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

The colour gamma used in the X version looks far more natural.

I don't have two TVs side by side to compare, but the PS4 Pro is either set to 2160p - YUV420 or 2160p - RGB. I don't know which one makes things look slightly more "vibrant" (if there's a difference at all), though. I know on the 4K TV I have, there's two different colour gamma settings - BT.1886 and ST2064 - and the latter punches up the colours more than the former (BT.1886 looks closer to the standard, more natural REC.709 that's utilized on 1080p displays).

Either way, it's definitely a colour gamma setting from the source. It could be the RGB range setting, but you would see that in the black levels, which are pretty much identical in both versions shown in the video.

Vizigoth04398d ago

Right? Most be playing the Xbox One X version on a crappy tv. If not, no way is the extra $100 justifiable for supposedly better graphics. Introduce great exclusives and some Virtual Reality hardware and they may match the value of the PS4......and the PS4 Pro.

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masterfox400d ago

Better color and illumination in the PS4 version, sorry xbonex.

Sm00thNinja400d ago

Don't think that's an Xbox One X issue bud

LateNightThirst399d ago

You tried, but the One X version is superior all around

OffRoadKing399d ago

Cause you say so? Looks like you're trying even harder than he is.

LateNightThirst398d ago

No look at DF's comparison and you'll see why the One X version is superior

I'll give you a hint its cause its a much more powerful device

DrumBeat399d ago

You did try, though. It's overcontrast or crushed colors. The OG Xbox One had this very problem in 2013 when everyone said Xbox looked more vibrant. In reality, this isn't the case at all. If you saw it on a screen, you wouldn't actually think that.

ziggurcat399d ago

The problem wasn't the Xbox One, though... it was setting the wrong RGB mode, which should always match type of display you're using with the console (Limited for TVs which have a 16-235 range, and Full for computer monitors which have a 0-255 range). When you have the incorrect setting, the image will either look way too dark resulting in crushed blacks or way too washed out resulting in a milky-looking image.

Septic399d ago

Haha 🤣 Sorry masterfox- you're not winning this one

Gunstar75398d ago

Of course it is..... lol

MrEnglish398d ago

After this comment Masterfox, you would be best changing fox to baiter

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Hardiman399d ago

I'm going through this game now running on my Pro on a 65 KS9000 and it looks amazing! Surprised I'm enjoying it as much as I am but yeah it doesn't look "good enough" or "okay" it looks AMAZING on the Pro and as I've stated before amazing is good enough for me at this juncture!

kevnb399d ago

im a little disappointed that neither system can give us 60 fps, oh well.

WickedLester399d ago

Still using an old laptop CPU is why.

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