Is the Switch's Lack of Features Deliberate?

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

The Nintendo Switch is a great system, not to mention a popular one. But, its OS is still pretty lightweight on features. Is this on purpose?

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PhoenixUp399d ago

Nintendo’s online service seeming lacking in various modern functionalities is way past deliberate

AKR399d ago

This article is mostly referring to the Switch OS.

PhoenixUp399d ago

Yes I know, but the online service is brought up in this article and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Nintendo’s upcoming service to be as lacking in functionality as their NS OS is.

It being a subscription service isn’t going to change that, especially when we’ve seen how underwhelming Nintendo’s online efforts have been for the entirety of the 21st century.

strayanalog399d ago

Author brings up some good points, but of course it's deliberate! I don't blame them with all the online attacks over the years. Nintendo is simply playing catch-up in the spotlight with a service that they've only dabbled with. Besides, we all got to start somewhere; afterall, you don't start by fighting the world heavyweight champion, you work your way up through the ranks.

Nybz398d ago

Makes you wonder why they do stuff like this when there's obvious successful examples out there to mimic and innovate off of, instead of just having a vapid experience.

Tetsujin398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

I know I'm going to get downvoted for this, and maybe ridiculed, but I buy a console for gaming first, and to play games. The extra features I honestly don't care about because most of the time I rarely use them, if at all. On the PS4 outside gaming all I use is YouTube, and maybe Twitch. I don't use the browser, or Hulu/Netflix (since I don't have them), or the other programs they have. The other features sound good on paper, and there may be people who do use them, but personally I'm fine with just the Store, games, and updates. In the future I hope there's options where you can pick/choose what you want installed over what comes preinstalled on the system.

vergilxx3398d ago (Edited 398d ago )

When i play on my ps vita and i am stuck or want to look up something i suspend the game with one button and go to web browser and look it up ,it also allows you to listen to your music while playing ,
that's how i like to play,
there is no excuse for lack of features even if you don't use them they should still be there

MeteorPanda398d ago

If the no Bluetooth, the one kickstand that snaps off and the power slot at tge bottom was intentional l have to fly to japan and kick in the teeth of everyone at that board meeting