CoD: WWII Could Have Been So Much More With a Co-Op Campaign

Call of Duty: WWII's campaign is all about camaraderie and working as a team. So why doesn't it have the option for co-op multiplayer?

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wezowacuh392d ago

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Sgt_Slaughter391d ago

A basic feature removed that was in previous games is a trend I will never understand. Sequels/subsequent games are supposed to improve, not shrink or regress.

Zjet391d ago

Yeah hopefully next year treyarch will have co-op.

I love the bot modes for co-op especially war however i just wish you could restrict classes like you can in Black Ops 3, MWR, AW, and Ghosts.

Infinite warfare and WWII don't have this option for bots which baffles me. Its soooo awesome being able to vustom set the teams so you could have one yeam using sniper rifles and the other shotguns.

Or having it 'thematic' having hardcore no HUD and one team with Kar98k and the other M1 Garands.

It would make custom games even better. MWR did this perfectly

BlackIceJoe391d ago

Very well said, Halo is a perfect example of what not to do. The developers at 343 said after the fact they made a mistake with taking co-op out and you'd have thought other developers would look at that, then not make the same mistake.

andrewsquall390d ago

There are fans who have wrote novels on what 343i messed up in the latest Halo game though.

andrewsquall390d ago

There is no co-op campaign? Damn, that was the one reason I was thinking of getting this for a cousin in a sale for Christmas. No point now.