Be Thankful: Time for retro game collectors to take what they can get | Scholarly Gamers

I love sharing the results of my retro video game hunts online. For ages, I watched others do so; I now find great fun in being able to take part myself.

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strayanalog395d ago

Very true. A lot of consoles are becoming harder to come by unscathed these days, and I can attest of this through my travels around the web and to different stores over the past few years. It's actually been quite fun. Thankfully, I'm becoming better at repairing. Well, here's hoping more gamers come to the rescue.

Oh, and not gonna lie, I about had a heart attack when I saw the state of those gaming consoles pictured. Sheesh.

datriax393d ago

Started my collection long ago, and it's fairly sizeable, thankfully.

Given the state and direction of gaming currently? Retro is the only future I have in gaming, until this industry burns to death and is reborn again.

Retro collecting is great fun in its own right, just all the more reason to get into it these days.