Agents of Mayhem Gets XB1X Update, Enabling Higher Resolution and Enhanced Reflections over PS4 Pro

Agents of Mayhem's latest update enabled official Xbox One X support, with higher resolution (1440P vs 1080P) and enhanced reflections over the game running on PlayStation 4 Pro.

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Mostafeto312d ago

This game has so much potential but Volition underdelivered again. Anyways, I am glad this update allows for better resolution.

ccgr311d ago

Bummer, may pick it up on sale then

MegaMohsi312d ago

Is this game that demanding or just bad engine optimization? Seems like it should be running at higher resolutions but I haven't played it so honest question.

jokerisalive312d ago

Did the update the rez looks great - so clear. However the frame rate gets choppy at times....anyone else notice that?

Alexious312d ago

That happens to PC too. As MegaMohsi hinted with his comment, it's just bad optimization.

TankCrossing312d ago

100% increase on the Pro again. Seems to be a pattern emerging....

Septic312d ago

Yep. Surely these kind of improvements can't be described as marginal !

Obscure_Observer311d ago


- Render particles are now at full screen resolution instead of half-resolution
- Highest LOD of all meshes are used regardless of distance
- Higher resolution shadow maps
- Higher quality volumetric fog
- Increased the maximum cap on spawned peds from 40 to 60

OffRoadKing311d ago


"BOTH Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro gamers will enjoy the following additional enhancements."

OffRoadKing311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

"Agents of Mayhem saw Volition branching out of Saints Row, a gamble that so far doesn’t seem to have paid off. The comic-book inspired open world action game got a lukewarm reception from critics and consumers alike, selling far less than the developer and its publisher Deep Silver were hoping for."

"the team would take time to try and understand what went wrong with this latest project."

The game surely can be.

OffRoadKing311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

The pattern being developers are patching underwhelming games for the x but not for Pro.

Lionalliance311d ago

Sadly, this game died quickly

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The story is too old to be commented.