Star Wars Battlefront II Review Copies Do Not Feature Discounted Heroes

The rumored Hero discount for Battlefront II review copies is not true.

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BenjaMan64400d ago

All the outrage over SWBF2 is similar to the one over Shadow of War: lots of children and manchildren will whine about it on the Internet, yet in the end the game's quality and content will be the one that decides whether it fails or not.

slate91399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

Game has high quality, sure. But the fact remains the progression system is terribly uninspired and presents nothing different from other grindy games. The game is obviously built around MT's, instead of MT's being implemented around the game. Which brings the justified outrage IMO.

399d ago
Krysis399d ago

This comment is so insanely stupid, I can't fathom how you can think that. EA artificially lengthened the grind to entice you into buying "time savers" and you call the people that are upset whiners. Please do us a favor and quit gaming because it's mindsets like yours that will destroy our beloved pastime.

Weeblordbad399d ago

"destroy our beloved pastime."

Riiiiiiight, of course it's going to destroy it. It's not like there aren't hundreds of other shooters released in 2017, but this one's going to bring the whole thing down. I swear, kids theses days are getting pretty melodramatic about inconsequential things. Don't buy the game, I'm not. Pretty simple equation really.

Krysis399d ago

@weeb you are worse than the original poster. That's right stick your head in the sand and it will go away then call people children cause you are to dense to understand the long term implications of these crappy business practices.

BenjaMan64399d ago

I just called my local game store and they have the Elite version available. I'm going to withdraw some cash from a local ATM and then I'm going to buy it. AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Bimkoblerutso399d ago

Better withdraw a little extra for some Vaseline, because you're going to need it for the pounding that EA has in store for you.

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shadowraiden399d ago

i would say a huge amount has refunded the game just go look at the reddit. reached point where people are showing screenshots where the live chat person doesnt even ask why they want a refund anymore they are just giving them out.

the backlash is huge on this, sure it was bad on Shadow Of War and i bet it hurt Shadow of War's overall sales which i reckon for Battlefront 2 it will be even more severe as i wouldnt be surprised if the sales on Battlefront 2 is pretty poor overall and well under what they was expecting.

FITSniper399d ago

I would bet that overall sales will still be pretty high as most people don't go on reddit.

arkard399d ago

The backlash is so bad that EA removed the refund button on Origin. Have to call customer service now.

shadowraiden399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

@fitsniper im not so sure and this isnt just being covered by reddit its reached stage where any video games outlet is covering it because it has reached that level of publicity.

heck the reddit post has over -600k which means over 600k accounts have downvoted it just that comment alone.

you start to then have word of mouth spread and that could easily become 1+ million people who may have brought the game no longer buying it.
for a game like Battlefront that could be huge as if were to go by the costs of game development that even EA has tried to use to defend itself before. losing that much revenue could mean the game actually loses money overall.

R6ex399d ago

Think EA-SWBF2 may be setting a record LOW Metacritic User score: 1.2/10 ... LOL

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EatCrow399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

And as usual babies complaining about other people complaining... You forgot about that one.
No it's nothing like shadow of War. Shadow of war is not a mp focused game with a pay to win model backing its mechanics.
OT well if they're going to be discounted then aren't the reviews already irrelevant? What a way to make a game that needs to be reviewed multiple times before coming out with an actual verdict that represents the actual crappy product.

datriax399d ago

Please................... don't procreate. Please......

Bruneblomst399d ago

People are not whining, complaining about anti consumer practices is not whining but you problaly dont get that:( give EA your money be part off the scam keep telling yourself people are whining and waste your money.

BenjaMan64399d ago


Right now I'm downloading the day 1 patch. Wow, it's a hefty 8 GB whopper... but I'm a patient, adult man, I can wait 5-6 hours until it's ready. I wonder how many loot boxes are in those 8 GB, LOLZ.

Bruneblomst399d ago

[email protected] "but im a patient, adult man,I can wait 5-6 hours until it's ready" wow that really impresses me, you sir are surely speciel, not a normal whale but a speciel whale, im spending all my moniessss and i dont care whale:)

Pintheshadows399d ago

'I am patient adult man'

Uses LOLZ at the end of his comment.


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Pintheshadows399d ago

Review EVENT, not review COPIES. Does no one pay attention these days.

datriax399d ago

This f**king game. This f**king company. Can they both just die already?

LiamKreptic399d ago

As long as you have idiots like This game is shit simply because the company doesn’t give give a shit about you except your money

2cents399d ago

10,000 to 60,000? Pfft, its ONLY six times the grind, I mean fun.

BenjaMan64399d ago

And they cut it again to 15,000. Some people claim they have unlocked heroes after just a few hours of playing, and I think that not all heroes cost the same, plus there are several ways to get credits, I think you even get credits just for logging in daily. I'll find out on my own in a few hours after I finish downloading the day 1 update.