NPD Analyst Increasing Sales Prediction for Xbox One X and Probably Star Wars Battlefront II in US

The NPD Group is considered one of the most reliable sources of statistics for the video game market in the United States, and its analyst Mat Piscatella had posted some interesting comments today.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Just seen this also.

Xbox One X sold 80k in the first week in the UK.
PS4 Pro only sold 50k in the first month in the UK.


Abriael68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

It's not totally surprising. I did write it in an article a while ago, but Microsoft made less compromises in the price/power ratio, which means that the Xbox One X has a clearer target and position on the market.

Low price is good for the base model, but for an "elite" model, higher power is probably more advisable than a lower price point.

Incidentally, the wording is a bit weird, but what it means is that PS4 Pro did 50K in a week, and 80k in 4 weeks in the UK, not 50K in four weeks.

Ghost_of_Tsushima68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

So the Xbox One X sold in 1 week what the PS4 Pro did in 4 weeks? Impressive.

I’m now wondering how good it did in the US.

Abriael68d ago

Unfortunately, we won't know for sure until mid-December, unless Microsoft makes an announcement.

UCForce68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I want to see MS announced their hardware sales units. Hopefully this time MS actually care about hardware because they hide it way too long. Like I said, Hardware is important as software.

KillBill67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

"Incidentally, the wording is a bit weird, but what it means is that PS4 Pro did 50K in a week, and 80k in 4 weeks in the UK, not 50K in four weeks." - correct. PS4 Pro did 50K the first week and then in the next 3 weeks added another 30K sold. Which totaled 80K in 4 weeks time.

So if buying trend matched same for XB1X it would likely be sitting at around 128K for XB1X after 4 weeks. But way too many factors to simply look at sales being a simple 60% return of 3 more weeks sales. Could be more or even less.

Professor_K67d ago

X 80k in one week
Pro 80k in one month

Hoooooly cow

rainslacker66d ago

The 80K in the UK was based on a 20% increase over the raw numbers. The raw numbers were 67K(IIRC).

It wasn't made clear in the article if the 20% increase was because of the authors assumption, or some analytics firm increasing the prediction.

Not that the raw numbers didn't show X1X doing better in it's first week, just that the actual numbers provided are ignored to boost the X1X's sales. This seems premature since the official numbers should come out soon from more reliable sources.

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sd1167d ago

I have said it before but on Amazon Xbox X scorpio has sold more than ps4 pro all year. X standard was also no 2 for the week of launch, but has not made the yearly 100 yet like the pro or X. Not sure how reflective Amazon charts are, but it well be interesting to see.

WeebLord67d ago

I really wouldn't trust that list as an actual metric of somethings success.

sd1167d ago

@WeeBLord. That is the thing I am curious to see whether it is even remotely applicable to total sales.

rainslacker66d ago

Just because you've been saying it doesn't mean it's now true. Plus, we're talking about 1 week, not an entire year or month.

It's been explained how Amazon figures it's best sellers, and if you think that X1X outsold some of the highest selling games of the gen, which is what Amazon data shows, then you simply refuse to accept that it's not a cumulative number in their charts.

sd1166d ago

@rainslacker. Did you not read my comment? "Not sure how reflective Amazon charts are, but it will be interesting to see. "

I am curious to see if their charts are indicative of total sales. If they are sales will be phenomenal, but it is a curiosity. Also Eurogamer have just released a new article showing that X has now surpassed total 1st months sales of the pro in it's 1st week ( In the UK), which is also equal to the first week sales of the Nintendo Switch in the UK.

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Frodosmugins67d ago ShowReplies(1)
corroios67d ago

The PRO only sold 50 because the standard model sold much more. I think many here still dont understand that gamers are happy with the PS4. Its not the same with the Xbox One. Sony is in a total diference position from Microsoft.

No PS4 player was desperate to buy at 2016 the Pro because of the bad experience it was getting.... The same isnt happening with the Xbox. Their players are desperate, like reading the comments here, after one week of sales they are already saying stuff that i cant believe.

Selling more then the switch, the Pro is over, this is the comeback, the PRO is crap, meltdonw and i have no doubt that the next thing will be that Sony is doomed.

They arent happy with the sales of the X, they are just happy to say crap about the PRO and Sony. Even withtout having a PRO to talk about.

I hope that many here are ready for what will happend when the dust settle...

DJStotty67d ago

But yet your here trying to playdown the sales of xbox one x??

Assuming xbox one x sales are because of desperate xbox one fans cries so hard of salt.

Why not congratulate a rival console on good sales as all this will do is make Sony give you a better experience with the PS5.

Bigpappy67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Pro didn't sell because the support was lackluster.

WeebLord67d ago

I've bought two Pro's, one at Launch and the white one recently a friend of mine also picked one up at Launch. We both had 4k displays and were interested in seeing console games at 4k, we weren't "desperate" but that's your own self painting a picture to fit your narrative. Maybe Microsoft did a better jopb of getting in front of regular people advertising the new Xbox?

I'm just going to say this once, but this isn't a competition. I don't care what some keyboard warrior thinks about the Pro, I have MY OWN opinion about the Pro just like I have MY OWN opinion about the Xbox One. Your allegation that this is really people just wanting to talk crap about the Pro and Sony does not paint you positively here, it speaks to a certain level of attachment that's unhealthy.

Get over it, get some thicker skin.


The pro was supply restrained, pure and simple.

Also, nothing to do with wars, just a true statement. PS4 owners felt less need to upgrade, especially those who weren't purchasing VR. X owners have been scorned for 3 and a half years of underperforming games and are jumping at the opportunity for a more powerful X..

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GamingCentaur67d ago

PS4 Pro announcement to release was 2 months.

XB1X announcement to release was like 1 year and 6 months.

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XiNatsuDragnel68d ago ShowReplies(2)
threefootwang68d ago ShowReplies(8)
TheColbertinator67d ago

Xbox is flying to new heights of success.

UCForce67d ago ShowReplies(7)
blackblades67d ago

It's only the 1st week, people needs to stop this foolishness on both sides really.

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Edito67d ago

Those analysts are a joke now that they saw the sales they have new predictions... but they fail to understand why the sales are the way they are...

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