Skyrim VR May Not Capture the Magic of 2011 - OnlySP

OnlySP: 'Since its initial release in 2011, Skyrim has become one of the most recognisable games ever. Alongside its Nintendo Switch debut on November 17, the title is also getting a VR version, but our time with a pre-release build suggests that some of the magic has been lost in the move to VR.'

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Apocalypse Shadow395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

It's not trying to capture magic of 2011. If you already played this game, some of the magic will already be lost. The magic is the immersion of "being there" and not seeing it through a window of a TV screen. Also, early build demos aren't final release code. A demo should be fun, but I've played many average demos of the past that didn't match the final game that turned out great. But I can see where it would put someone off from buying.

Since I never bought or played the other versions but watched someone play it for 20 minutes, it's all NEW to me. It just has to have good controls and be fun to play. We'll just have to wait for the final review.

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mazer_rancor394d ago

With the amount of hours in skyrim and the amount of time you can comfortably wear a VR headset per sitting, Skyrim VR will take years to complete.

yeahokwhatever394d ago

I played Super Hot for 2 hours the other day. Other than being sweaty and sore, I wasn't uncomfortable in the slightest.

Prince_TFK394d ago

“Other than being sweaty and sore, I wasn't uncomfortable in the slightest.”

You just contradicted yourself there mate.

yeahokwhatever393d ago

No I didn't. The sweaty and sore had nothing to do with the VR hardware, and everything to do with me standing and physically dodging bullets for 2 hours without interruption. :-)

CobraKai394d ago

What?!?! 2011?!! Geeze where did the time go? Now I definitely need to get to finishing this game.

ONESHOTV2394d ago

"Skyrim VR May Not Capture the Magic of 2011" of course look at what's it's being played on an inferior device

Apocalypse Shadow394d ago

What do you mean? It's not on Kinect. Only on PSVR.

Aggesan394d ago

Sad you can't afford it?

Goldby394d ago

an inferior product that can do something the mighty xbox one x cant, i repeat CANT do...

what does that say about the one x?

ONESHOTV2393d ago

Why are you talking about Xbox ? I'm a PC gamer first and i own a hand full of games on the pro but i wouldn't call my self a console gamer. You sound a bit insecure

mkis007394d ago

You people just don't get VR. You have to put it on before you will realize the graphics is the least important aspect.

yeahokwhatever393d ago

It's astounding the difference between watching someone else play Job Simulator and playing it yourself. Within seconds of starting a "job", you are just 100% immersed in an alternate world.

mkis007393d ago

That moment when you get it is when youu lean around a corner just like you would IRL.

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Aggesan394d ago

This opinion piece is based on a really old demo build that differs alot from the finished game. To see what it's really like, watch this stream from yesterday