The Force is Strong With PlayStation

PlayStation Blog: "Star Wars Battlefront II launches this week on PS4. Enjoy our new live-action TV spot, Rivalry."

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OB1Biker335d ago

Well thats a good commercial I guess? haha
I cant wait f this one.

mkis007334d ago

This has some damn great direction to it.

Septic334d ago

Is the force strong with Battlefront 2 though? 🤔

Rude-ro334d ago

I was wondering why one game with loot boxes was getting attacked while all others are being ignored. Is this your pr crew hard at work septic? Anything for Microsoft!

Kribwalker334d ago

i agree. i don’t understand why Forza 7 and Shadow of war have been getting so much hate with their loot boxes while games like Destiny 2,UC4, overwatch and even Fifa soccer get a free pass

XStation4pio_Pro334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Because gamers love manufacturing scandal and ar often too dumb or naive to understand the financials (if adjusted for inflation, game prices have maintained level pricing while game development costs have increased dramatically, hence MTs).

It’s funny to me that Sony bought all the marketing rights for this game considering all the loot box controversy over F7 and shadow of war which MS had marketing rights for and yet BFII looks and runs better on X at the end of it.

AnubisG334d ago

Every game that has loot boxes are attacked. But with BF2 EA took it to a whole new level severely affecting multiplayer and also trying to trick reviewers with copies that had a different loot box system than the retail version. EA is attacked because they took it way too far with SWBF2 and it looks like they did the same with NFS Payback. Angry Joe already gave 2/10 to NFS Payback. Just don't buy EA games at full retail price.

WeebLord334d ago

Oh wow youtube person gave it 2/10!? What a stand for the Proletariat!


Oh...are we not doing that?

EatCrow334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Well...huge difference.
Its not just lootboxes. Its specifically they way theyre used.
Not to mention MS has lootboxes in their games too...they dont get a pass either. Trangression is not as severe as what BF2 does.

It directly affects your progression and therefore capabilities in multiplayer.
It is a pay to win model. Other gamers can choose to spend more and will have an immediate advantage over others who decide not to buy these lootboxes.

That is very different from other games. Especially in a game centered around multiplayer.

They dont get a free pass. Lootboxes suck in general. But many of those games are not pay to win.

All games with lootboxes are attacked and unless youre living under a rock or choose to ignore terrible business practices towards consumers you would know that.

AnubisG334d ago


That was a dumb comment. Angry Joe reviews are just as valid as any other game review. But look at other reviews for NFS Payback. It's pretty much all bad.

Your overdramatized sarcasm does not make you look smart.

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