Star Wars Battlefront 2 Community Manager Apologizes for Angering Players

He later deleted his complaint about "armchair developers."

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XiNatsuDragnel34d ago

A little too late I won't be supporting these practices. And or your game for that matter.

CaptainObvious87833d ago

Why don't people realise once it's on the internet it's there forever.

I doubt his apology is sincere.

TheVigilanteCode33d ago

An apology from a representative of a public corporation, with investors, will NEVER be sincere.

feedurhabit33d ago

Agreed. He's not sorry about what he said, he's sorry he got busted saying it.

fiveby933d ago (Edited 33d ago )

He says the tweet was "taken out of context".

I don't think so. I think we all know exactly why he would tweet out such a comment. So none of out here are professionals, developers, adults, or otherwise savvy gamers? Do our lying eyes deceive us? SW BF2 is heavily weighted to encourage MT purchases from the whales and otherwise gambling addicted population.

What little changes they have made are only as a reaction to the furor. Doubtful they would change anything without pressure.

Bear in mind EA / Dice say constant changes will occur. Those changes can go both ways. Crank up or down the reward system and cost of MT's. They hope to weather the storm and then continue to squeeze people.

We call them like we see them. Don't get sucked in by the shiny new penny. Zero purchase.

Rodney2533d ago

You know not everybody at EA is evil. Those guys giving the news are probably just some messengers who had no input in EAs business decisions. There's no need to be angry at those guys.

SierraGuy33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Yeah he's a goof. Maybe they'll get it when they realize most of the sales for battlefront came from system bundles this holiday.

rainslacker33d ago

He was probably sincere in regretting him saying it in the first place, but if he said it, he was obviously thinking it.

While I have at times thought some bad things about customers, when I was in fields that required interaction with them, I still treated them with respect, and never let it be known if I thought they were annoying or not worth giving the time of day to. I'd always address their concern though, even if it didn't resolve their issue.

breakdancefight32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

A saying I have said several times, "You're not sorry for what you did, but sorry that there are repercussions. "

RacerX32d ago

He's not apologizing for the bad business practice. He's just sorry it affected sales and public perception.

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UltraNova33d ago

Agreed but the funny thing is Battlefront 2 must have already sold enough to make its development money back and it hasn't even started yet.

Unfortunately, we that stand by whats right and fair are the minority.

EatCrow33d ago

True. But it may be rectified in the future. And other companies may refrain from doing the same due to the backlash.

Perjoss33d ago

"Battlefront 2 must have already sold enough to make its development money back"

If only it was that simple, what about the money they paid Disney for the 10 year star wars license? I'm not sure if that number is public or not as I cant seem to find that info, but it must have been a pretty hefty sum and they don't really have a lot to show for it yet, unless those phone games have been super successful.

UltraNova33d ago


If they felt comfortable trying mobile free to paly tactics on a AAA game then yeah its safe to say they made enough money to warrant the risk.

That said, I'm pretty sure pre-orders alone covered the cost of development. Lets not forget that the engine was ready and tested with the fitst game as were most of the assets. Battlefront 2 was a sure bet to begin with.

Geeeebeeee33d ago

despite the deserved backlash from informed gamers, the fact is the majority of people who buy games would have no idea what has happened and will continue to buy SWBF2, and other EA products.

wanna punish EA? only if you could spread the knowledge of EA behavior to the masses. that's really gonna be hard

XiNatsuDragnel33d ago

True inform everyone no matter what FB YT IRL, ETC..

Tru_Blu33d ago

Unfortunately millions of parents will buy it cause it says star wars. Only hope is that enough hardcore gamers skip it to the point they see a big difference in projected numbers vs real numbers.

arkard33d ago

Put up 1 star reviews everywhere you can. Amazon, Best Buy, gamestop. Make sure you talk about it being pay to win. If it even informs a few casuals and they don't buy it is a win.

rainslacker33d ago

It's not really hard to spread the word in today's social media connected world.

Question is, will people care? I'd wager that the vast majority of people buying this game really don't, and those are the only customers that EA probably cares about because they aren't "arm chair developers".

Even if this game was terrible beyond belief, it's not likely to stop the next Star Wars game from being successful. The average gamer doesn't follow publishers or developers to the point of being able to discern if they're going to be screwed again with their next purchase, and the Star Wars brand is too big for it to be affected by the current things people are complaining about.

_-EDMIX-_32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Majority don't care.

They play games for fun.

I know of this, read it...I'm still buying it day 1. So, you going to tell me what to do with my money and how I should spend my free time? Is this a joke?

@Rain- 100% correct. Majority don't care. Gamers just don't care about this type of crap and I'd say this is being exaggerated to just a huge degree. I remember reading someone say they won't buy a game with DLC or basically they won't buy MOST games releasing today? How many gamers are REALLY doing something THIS STUPID? ie I won't play a game for fun, if someone else can buy some DLC that is optional.

Sounds pretty dumb to me, like that movie Radio dumb lol Somewhere along the way, these people forgot others play games for fun.

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Chaosdreams34d ago

Looks like someone got scolded.

He can delete his tweets, but that doesn't change the fact the game itself is a garbage practice of greed.

sarozuc33d ago

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Chaosdreams33d ago

Shhh, don't give EA any ideas. They love easy money.

Mirdus32d ago

What? EA starts cam girl'ing their videogame characters for 87 dollars? Its possible

InTheZoneAC33d ago

Why delete what you already posted? The mindset, arrogance, and attitude are already known

sprinterboy33d ago

Too late, for being a community manager he needs sacking

sprinterboy33d ago

Funny how us arm chat developers seem to know how games should be made. I understand it's a business and profits are important but this loot box BS is ridiculous and not the answer. I'm not saying I have the solution but I'd rather just just pay a xtra £5 for my retail copy instead of this.

UltraNova33d ago

Oh no you won't when many others will happily spend 10-20 times as much on MTs!

InTheZoneAC33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

The solution is to not always take when you're already successful. All businesses are about taking more than before, regardless of profits. It's so bad for EA they honestly believe we're mindless hivewhales and will give them a dollar whenever they want.

A happy medium for companies to take more without ruining the experience is to provide FREE MAPS/CHARACTERS for any MP game and any cosmetic can be earned in game. Offer loot boxes that offer the same cosmetics, you will make your money there. It's the same model Overwatch uses and it's not an issue at all for either side. But EA will always want to take and never meet us down the middle.

What's dumbfounding is that this is common sense, but we have Mr. Business degree so disconnected from what keeps them relevant in this industry that they really think we're just braindead bots.

UltraNova33d ago

EA follows in Apple's footsteps where they decide to add or cut a feature depending on the part of the industry they want to control and make money off in the near future without caring about their consumers preferences in the slightest.

EA/Apple: This is what we believe you want/like, no its not up for debate (we know better) and we know that you are already invested in our products so shut up and buy our product.

The sad thing is that most people not only shut up and buy their products, but go the extra mile and support cash grabbing practices that go along said products.

For the...Last of Us, vote with your wallet.

Rhythmattic33d ago

You can add MS and their OS/Business practices to that too.

rainslacker33d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It's not that they think that we'll just keep giving them money, it's that they want the money from those that will do so. EA isn't so dumb to assume that everyone, or even the majority, will actually pay for those MT. The reality is, it's the rather small portion of people who actually do that make them more money, with the least amount of work, and that's who they are making these things for. Everyone else just has to suffer because of it, because in some cases they become part of the game design to try and entice people to actually spend money, as is the case here.

Most people don't have a problem with MT that aren't P2W or put in to just give some people added options. They usually are against them when their overall game experience is effected because now they have to do more of the less fun stuff to get the things they is the case here.

As to sprinters original comment.

I'm sure a lot of people would be willing to pay a bit more to see MT go away. The problem is, there are a lot of people who would see that as greedy, and I don't look forward to the day when game prices go up. Games can make more and be the price they are now because more people are buying games, but eventually, that price will have to increase.

The problem is though, that despite game prices going up, it's likely that MT will continue to exist. The reality is, is that there are enough people buying them to increase the revenue on a a game, and that's what these companies want. It's not good enough for them to just turn a profit, they also have to maximize their revenue as much as possible. Some of this is due to giving investors more incentive to invest, and some of it is just "being greedy". MT/DLC actually are not there anymore to make sure a game is profitable, they're there to maximize profit. They don't keep developers open or fed. They aren't required to secure investment. They are purely a secondary revenue stream.