Call of Duty: WWII knocks Mario Odyssey off the top of the Japanese charts

Activision’s Call of Duty: World War 2 (which is published by Sony on PS4 in Japan) has claimed the top spot in the Japanese charts.

In doing so it knocks Nintendo’s Switch platformer, Super Mario Odyssey, from the top spot. Famitsu credits COD’s strong sell-though (89 per cent), and notes that the game had a far stronger week one that predecessor Infinite Warfare, bettering the numbers by about 70 per cent. However, the total fell ever so slightly short of Black Ops III.

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Valkron1223d ago

Maybe because everyone in Japan tha plays games already bought Mario

raWfodog223d ago

But I'm surprised that CoD is even that popular in Japan. I didn't think that FPS' garnered that much attention.

blawren4223d ago

I'd be more surprised if COD didn't sell this well on opening week. It's a big franchise.

wofucuga223d ago

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DrJones223d ago

Didn't know COD was that big in Japan

Neonridr223d ago

no surprise, Mario already sold a boat load the week prior.

wonderfulmonkeyman223d ago

To me, this sounds like the CoD fanbase was very thirsty for a return to simpler times after all of the futuristic BS didn't pan out to be as great as past entries, so this doesn't really surprise me.