The 2013 Deadpool Video Game Will No Longer Be Available To Buy After Nov. 16

From GameWatcher: "This week could be your last chance to buy a copy of Deadpool. The movie is doing just fine, but the video game will soon disappear from online marketplaces and retail stores."

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trumpwonstopcrying33d ago

Yup. I'm sure the sales will surge if this news spreads. People will buy it just to have it because the idea of it never being available again drive them to buy it.

d3nworth133d ago

Well it [email protected]$king work.They got me to buy it.

XisThatKid32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Yup I can't stand Deadpool but bought the PS4 and 3 copy
... Never going to play them

gamer780432d ago

yah worked for me too, bought it, got it for 12.50 on xbox sale that ended today.

sarozuc33d ago

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strifeblade33d ago

wow your making 17k a month, what a peasant

skydragoonityx34d ago

glad i have it on my laptop never deleting it

zahdab33d ago

I am sure it will still be available to download after u bought it but u wont be able to buy it again

deathtok33d ago

Fun, repetitive. Worth a play through if you like hack n' slash.

slasaru0133d ago (Edited 33d ago )

i found it very funny. but optimization sucks, most of the time sub 20 fps , i don't understand why, should be 1080/60 with no sweat with such graphics

DVAcme33d ago

It's a common problem with Activision Marvel games. The Spider-Man games also ran like crap.

As for the Deadpool game itself, it was a standard action games, not amazing in any way, but it IS gut-bustingly funny. It's worth playing just for the writing alone.

SarcasticDuck33d ago

let's be real, we're not losing a big deal. The game is funny af but the gameplay is just boring and until this day I remain my opinion that I don't want to play it again.

Tres2133d ago

It looked funny and thats why i want to play it and i just bought it but now the question is would u still play it the 1st time?

SarcasticDuck33d ago

yes. The jokes were what carried me for the first time but if you hadn't bought it already, I would advise you to not buy it. If I had to describe the game, for me it's like watching those 3 boring hours of WWE's Raw just because your favorite comedian is their special guest of the night and he keeps having funny segments through the show! (well, wrestling is the Hack N Slash in this example, I like both but not on WWE/Deadpool)

xX1NORM1Xx33d ago

I feel the exact same such a dull hack and slash game but the deadpool humor carries it

SantistaUSA33d ago

I've got a hard copy of it, I've played for a while and even though is funny the gameplay is kind of boring.

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The story is too old to be commented.