GT: Sonic & The Black Knight TGS 08: Fabled Sword Trailer

The Black Knight threatens the land and the blue hedgehog has been chosen to stop him.

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Grassroots3388d ago

Wow, really. I may be crazy but I think it would be more successful if they do what Capcom did with Mega Man 9. Do a 16 bit version of Sonic where the greatness of the series is truly at... They are going a little of course with all their recent titles.

Just do a classic 2d Sonic game please Sega.

condorstrike3388d ago

people are so negative, Sonic is never going back to 2D "only on DS" and this doesn't look bad, Sonic needs revamping the way Mario has and you never know this game might actually have a good plot behind it...
give it the benefit of a doubt.