PS4 Pro Review

"What makes the PlayStation 4 Pro so special, and why is it more expensive than the standard console? We’ve spent some time with Sony’s 4K-enabled PS4 Pro, and here’s our review."By Lewis Painter

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timlot313d ago

The only review that matters is finally here.

OffRoadKing313d ago

Wait, why is this the only review that matters?

DJustinUNCHAIND313d ago

A review one year in the making.

DeadSilence313d ago

Lmao 1 Year late mate, I'll review Ps4 Pro once Ps5 hits.

NoPeace_Walker313d ago

The reviewer is clueless. He stated "Sony's PS4 Pro costs the same as a mid-range PC, but performs like a high-end one."

Performs like High end PC? LOL

Elda313d ago

No mid gen console that's out now performs like a high end PC...none.

NoPeace_Walker313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

It'll cost $1500 for any of these consoles to reach high-end PC settings. At 1/3 the cost, the XB1X is your best bet for console gamers looking for 'close' high-end PC experience though.

DarXyde313d ago

I was waiting for a comment like this.

That is to say, a pro-Xbox person commenting negatively on a positive Pro review. Didn't take long.

OffRoadKing313d ago

lol "close". So again no console out now can reach high end PC settings thanks for confirming it NoPeace_Walker

Elda313d ago

A mid gen console that makes PS4 first party exclusives shine even brighter.

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