Crysis is now 10 years old and here are the best graphics mods you can install for it

DSOGaming writes: "Ah, Crysis. One of the most unique PC FPS experiences back in 2007. Crytek's masterpiece was way ahead of its time visually, and came with some truly great gameplay mechanics. Its level design, its enemy AI, its nanosuit abilities; everything felt great. And since today it's its 10th anniversary, we've decided to share with you the best graphics mods you can use for it."

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TRU3_GAM3R369d ago

Imagine a new Crysis Game for X1X /Pro/PC

gammaray13368d ago

oh i wish that would happen


Why? the crysis games sucked ass.. they were fucking horrible.. YES, the graphics were good and the new exciting game mechanics, like falling trees that could be shot over and the cryengines method of doing gun attachement on the go are amazing.. but the game itself were absolutely horrible.

kevnb368d ago

the first crysis was awesome, as well as the expansion.

Movefasta1993367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

how the hell were crysis 1 and 3 bad games?I haven't played 2,but seeing these comments make me realize that a lot of people just jump on the bandwagon and hate on them for just looking pretty.Crysis 1 and 3 are good games.

Profchaos368d ago

Nah half the point of the game was that it was PC only it did get a rushed port a few years down the line but failed to live up to the PC version.

Number 2 inspired me to build a new rig because I was hoping for another massive jump which came but not at launch the was no direct X 11 out of the box just purely 9 from memory.

ElementX368d ago

I really enjoyed the Crysis series. Unfortunately many didn't like 2 or 3

Profchaos368d ago

Two just felt really confined like it became a corridor shooter compared to 1 which had some of the biggest battlefields I can remember

telgou368d ago

i agree,they designed it as a linear game with different enemies engagement "choices". if they made it a more open world expeirence it would have been truly good

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DialgaMarine368d ago

I got bored and looked up some more mods, and while the game’s ground textures and foliage amount have aged pretty well, objects like rocks look god awful. I’m still not sure what the obsession here is; most high ends PC graphics cards would melt trying to run this.

Perjoss368d ago

They used to melt because hardware from 10 years ago was a lot less powerful that what we have now, obviously.

Darkwatchman368d ago

No pc at the time could have run the game at its max settings at playable frame rates. Not even the devs themselves could. Crysis was ahead of its time. It pioneered screen space ambient occlusion, for example.

Fishy Fingers368d ago

Still use it to this day when I upgrade my PC (specifically GPUs). Such a stunning showcase, hard to believe it’s a decade old.

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