EA Responds to Star Wars Battlefront II's Unlock System Backlash

Many Early Access Star Wars Battlefront II players have encountered various unlocks that could take upwards of forty hours of play time to afford. EA chimes in.

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XiNatsuDragnel28d ago

EA I wished you weren't the worst gaming company in the world right now.

Lonnie1826d ago

I sure do wish we would have got a property Mass Effect or Dead Space this generation...EA is just the worst!

Septic26d ago

The game will still sell bucket loads...

PapaBop26d ago

It's Star Wars, that's pretty much a given but will it meet sales expectations?

Septic26d ago

Not sure. The complaints are gaining a lot of traction with core gamers. It might affect sales

EatCrow26d ago

Me too. They could do so much more as a game company if they didnt suck this much. I want the company to die if at all possible..but thats evidently too much to hope for.

adonisisfree26d ago

What more do you expect from this company? They are nothing but shit. Most of thier franchises are crap, including a football game that hasn't changed in years.

mafiahajeri26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I can definetly agree with that FIFA is such a tired franchise, it needs a complete overhaul

I bought every FIFA since 2009 and im done, moved to PES.

To bad people buy it every year and spend crazy amounts of money on FUT, so basically itll never change.

The same goes for COD.

Cupofjoe26d ago

Madden is football to us lol

Lon3wolf26d ago


Yet most of the time the ball is thrown or carried :)

TankCrossing26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

The ball is mostly thrown or carried, and conspiciously not actually ball-shaped. Don't let Rugby soften up the definition! Lol

ball noun (ROUND OBJECT)​
A1 [ C ] any object in the shape of a sphere, especially one used as a toy by children or in various sports such as tennis and football:
a beach/golf/tennis ball
Just try to concentrate on hitting the ball.
The kitten curled itself into a ball (= the shape of a ball).

opinionated26d ago

Good thing I have 2000 dollars laying around. I’m not doing that time, no way in hell.

BrianOBlivion26d ago

If you give EA $2000 for a single game, I'm gonna cast a spell to put "the curse of poverty" on you.

bloop26d ago

No need to put the curse of poverty on him if he keeps buying into games like BF II.

Artemidorus26d ago

But do you have 0000s for the upcoming games??

opinionated26d ago

Yes but I’m not going passed 2000, that’s just crazy.

Artemidorus26d ago

Then unfortunately the next EA game means you cannot afford to play to win.

FloydianAndroid26d ago

EA makes activision seem like a paragon of virtue.

Chaosdreams26d ago

Activisions new slogan: "Hey, at least we aren't EA."

Kun_ADR26d ago

Ubisoft and Warner Bros are laughing at EA all the way to the bank.

Relientk7726d ago

10/10 slogan will support their games

datriax26d ago

Hahahahaha......... EA. I can't even see a headline involving them anymore without genuinely bursting out in laughter. lol Get f**ked EA.

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The story is too old to be commented.