TTH: Curt Schilling, Azeroth Advisor Interview

What would you do if you could build your own MMOG? Who would you hire to run your development studio? Which genre would you set your world? Few gamers in the world ever have the privilege to answer these questions, and yet so many of us would die for the chance to make the game that we would want to play. That's the sort of opportunity that Curt Schilling crafted for himself by creating 38 Studios and recruiting some of the most prolific talent in the industry.

However, 38 Studios also recently announced that they had acquired Mentor Media's product, the Azeroth Advisor, and its technology. For those of you unfamiliar with the Azeroth Advisor, it's a service that players download onto their computer in order to allow the program to gather information about the gamer's World of Warcraft characters.

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