TTH: Legends of Norrath: Ethernauts Interview

The lore of the EverQuest series has been a source of entertainment for a vast number of players throughout the years. From the shining sword of Mithaniel Marr to the horrible deeds of Cazic Thule, the history of Norrath is rife with faithful friends and fiendish foes. When SOE Denver's Legends of Norrath online trading card game was originally released, it was apparent that the developers had really taken their time to explore the lore of this epic series.

Cards like "Fippy Darkpaw" and "Nagafen" resonated with longtime EQ lovers. With their fifth expansion – dubbed "Ethernauts" – the LoN developers have delved even deeper into that rich lore to produce their cards. Recently, Ten Ton Hammer had the opportunity to sit down with Evan Lorentz and discuss this upcoming expansion.

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