COD WW2 Discon Fix Found Ahead of Official Patch

There's a Call of Duty: WWII discon fix out now, and it's super simple! Read on how it's done.

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seanpitt23398d ago

Does it fix this absolute dog shi#e of mess game

2pacalypsenow398d ago

And the fact that it takes 3-4 shots to the head to get a headshot.

Tell me how it takes 5-6 shots with an MG-42 to get a headshot?

windblowsagain396d ago

Got this game for free on PS4. But seriously where are the maps. LoL. Most likely already on the disc waiting for DLC.

Gun damage is weird and looks like its the same crap netcode from years ago.

2pacalypsenow396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

The map rotation is terrible it litterally feels like theres only 3 maps