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Battlefront II had the potential to be one of the greatest Star Wars games ever, to sit alongside greats like 2003's Knights of the Old Republic.Unfortunately, EA messed it up entirely with pay to win shenanigans and random loot boxes.

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GamesMaster1982371d ago

Well deserved score, if not a little generous for this piece of shit.

Alexander1Nevermind370d ago

Well said. I played the Beta twice and couldn't agree more.

DemonChicken370d ago (Edited 370d ago )


Kind of sad that EA is still using metacritic for bonuses in regards to their devs. The mechanics for the lootboxes and micro transactions does affect the game so should be reflected in the score.

Not sure if this would happen, but if every review slammed the game for the lootboxes and micro transactions tactics making it a low score maybe then EA will wake up?

I mean considering every game is EA game is going towards the GaaS model then I would expect every other EA game employing a similar tactic as BF2 to receive the same score.

DrumBeat370d ago

Agreed. It was a clunky borefest, with fuzzy, dithered image quality. Can't understand the appeal.

morganfell370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

@Demon, EA may be doing worse than that. Check this out:

According to this guy, EA intentionally gave reviewers different code with different hero costs than what is in the final game.

Pintheshadows370d ago

I played one game in the beta, and then went back to BF1. It felt shallow.

DrumBeat370d ago

You played it twice? How did you make it to the second play?

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notachance370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

I normally don't give a shit about lootboxes, especially the cosmetic-only lootboxes..

but locking progression behind a RNG-based lootboxes? that's fucked up EA
and that's not all, they even make a fucking star-card which give players clear advantage in the game, guess where can you get it?

what is this pay-to-win shit doing in a $60 game? what the fuck??

Pintheshadows370d ago

Yeah, I can just about deal with cosmetics as they are easily avoidable. This though, this is far more insidious.

morganfell370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

This is in many ways like the first major appearances of DLC. Companies went the wrong direction and through their actions gamers have to show them what is and is not acceptable. DLC was going to happen. Gamers merely had the chance to adjust how it was implemented. Same with loot boxes. They are going to happen. No amount of protesting will completely stop them. Paid loot boxes that affect the Multiplayer game have been here already for years - look at HALO 5. But gamers can affect how they are implemented.

fiveby9370d ago

@morganfell I am not so sure loot boxes have to happen at all. I have not bought and will not buy, Forza 7, Shadow of War, AC Origins, and will not buy SW BF2. Sure it's tempting to get drawn in by the shiny new penny with each game release, but if you can weather the initial release bandwagon, I find that I can easily not regret purchasing the game at all. That's clearly was EA hope to do is draw people in with pretty graphics and suck you into their ecosystem. Just say no to MT systems as they are a scourge.

IamTylerDurden1370d ago

Umm Overwatch, Forza, Shadow of War. I don't understand why ppl select Battlefront to spew their venom every two years while others inject their games with bs as well.

morganfell370d ago


Shadow of War's loot boxes are in the Single Player and you really don't have to grind in the game to get anywhere meaning you really don't need to buy them. They truly were unobtrusive.

But Multiplayer with Pay to Win that is an entirely different matter. However I do understand your concern. Loot boxes that are pay to win have been in HALO 5 for 2 years and no one seemed to care.

UnHoly_One370d ago

Shadow of War's lootboxes are completely irrelevant to gameplay progression.

You don't need them, there is never any incentive to buy them, they might as well not exist. Unless you are trying to speed run the game or something, I'm not sure how they would even help you.

And somebody mentioned AC Origins? Since when does it have lootboxes? I know it has some kind of time saver useless crap you can buy with real money, but again, who would do that and why? It's just a way to pay to avoid actually playing the game. I know there is a vendor in the game that sells a random item box, but that is for in-game currency. And there is never a reason to buy those anyway.

So far, all of this stuff to me is just shortcuts for people that don't want to play the game.

I agree it has no place in multiplayer, but AC Origins and Shadow of War are fine, you'd never even know it was a thing if you didn't read all the doom and gloom on the internet first.

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conanlifts370d ago

Even without pay to win the multiplayer game was terrible. I used the sniper rifle in the beta, aimed at an enemy from a huge distance and clipped their chest instead of head. The player turned around and from the same huge distance killed me in one shot with a standard blaster. This sort of thing was not uncommon, the mechanics and balancing was terrible.

Pintheshadows370d ago

Same problem as the first one. I just think the actual gunplay in both of them is impotent. It doesn't feel good to play at all. And you could say it is because they are all energy weapons but even so.

Xerneas370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Its way too generous it deserves no more than a 1. A full priced P2W game? Just buzz out of here.

xfiles2099370d ago

Well It is a good thing No one cares what this joke of an Article says or gives two shits about your Opinion People will decide for themselves

IamTylerDurden1370d ago

Yet ppl raved about Forza and Shadow of War..

IamTylerDurden1370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

This "review" was based on an EA Origin trial and only several hrs of gameplay that did not include any of the campaign. It's an irresponsible review and no gaming journalist should publish a review based on such a sparse sample of game. As well, this damning review is based almost entirely on his disdain for the loot boxes as he fully admits the visuals and minute to minute gameplay are top notch. GaaS/MTs is a terrible new trend, but BF2 isn't the first offender and if BF2 gets shredded in reviews for being greedy then so should the other games that recently released with abhorrent dlc. Shadow of War and Forza got glowing reviews yet they included some very egregious MTs. AC Origins isn't exempt either, yet these games get good feels and great scores. It's very selective criticism by the gaming community.

UnHoly_One369d ago

Shadow of War and AC Origins are single player games, and they only thing you can do by buying stuff in those games is speed up your own progression, essentially you're paying to not play the whole game.

This game is multiplayer, and the people that spend money will have a definite advantage over the people that don't. Hence people calling it "Pay to Win".

That is why people are being harder on this game. In this game the MT's hurt everyone, in SoW and AC:O they don't affect you at all unless you want to buy them.

Last_Boss370d ago

This is exactly why all the future DLC is free!!! 😉

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-Foxtrot371d ago

Is it so hard to just take the old Battlefront 2 game...add new maps, characters and the like then release it.

Sciurus_vulgaris370d ago

I find it extremely odd that Dice won't just make "Battlefield Star Wars". People want classes similar to those of Battlefield and Pandemic Battlefront, Dice goes and adds classes that have no synergy. People want more vehicles and teamplay. Dice makes vehicles cards. The studio pushes for the game to have no teamplay, no resource management and no map control, things that people very vocally want.

-Foxtrot370d ago

To me it's not a game about star cards and load outs. The old games had a perfect set up, you started with the crappiest Stormtrooper or Rebel and the more you played/killed you'd unlock points to unlock the next class. The matches lasted enough for you to have unlocked all the classes and even got a chance to play as the hero/villain.

I loved working up to the jetpack one as I felt like I had earned it.

All the unlocks should have been cosmetic. Skins, change looks/materials of weapons, display pictures and the like. Hell if it came to the rebels we should have been allowed to carefully crafted/mold each one into who we wanted.

Pintheshadows370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

You know what made me play only one game of Battlefront 2 in the beta? The god awful squad system. Horrible stuff that makes the game feel staccato. In BF1 at least you have some sense of the unfolding battle as you can see the map. This though just felt like I was starting a new game every time I spawned. You're dead right Sciurus.

Jinger370d ago


You know this game is similar to what you just described, right? The more you play the objective, the more you kill and such the more points you get and then you can use those points to play as the jetpack trooper or a hero/villain etc.