10 Best Xbox One X Enhanced Launch Games

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "The Xbox One X is bringing some extra power with enhanced games at launch and after playing just a pile of them, I thought I'd collect the ones that best take advantage of what's available."

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Xerneas370d ago

This thing is a true 4k beast. The best 500 dollar purchase I've ever made!

Gotcha5370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

X1X one my best purchase as well... and let me add to the Macaroni Pony community for keeping the PS4 at a high trade-in rate... making my so called waste of $500 purchase so easy minimum out of pocket. Thank to the Uncharted Bundle and few games(who knew a lot of humanoids love that shit)... Like Rick Flair "Woo"

KionicWarlord222370d ago

Gears of War 4 being number 1 is no surprise.

The difference in quality in the multiplayer is now better looking then the single player.

Its pretty insane to be honest.

mcstorm370d ago

Ive only got a 1080p tv and I still see a massive difference in gears 4 looks amazing. Cant wait to fire Halo up to.

sammarshall102370d ago

Gears 4 was already a great looking game I bet it looks crazy good with the enhancements

maybelovehate370d ago

The HDR is a game changer. Beats even the PC version which was already a benchmark game. Although they really should add HDR to PC, sigh.

sammarshall102370d ago

II'll have to check it out then and it sounds like what I'm hearing that 4K + HDR makes a big difference

Valkron1370d ago

I’ve got all of them except Conan and Battlefront. I refuse to buy Battlefront because of the pay to win MP, but I might buy Conan

conanlifts370d ago

I will wait until it comes out free on EA access.

JayRyu370d ago

I can't wait to play these titles again enhanced! I also want to play the witcher 3 enhanced

xX-oldboy-Xx370d ago

That's what they want to hear, good not mate.

conanlifts370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Just ordered Witcher 3 Game of the year. I played the single player and first expansion on PS4. Hoping to jump straight into the last expansion on the Xbox, I think you can do this and it just auto levels your player.

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The story is too old to be commented.