Middle-Earth Shadow of War – Xbox One X Showcases Noticebable Enhancements Over The PS4 Pro Version

Middle-Earth Shadow of War - Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro graphics comparison.

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masterfox400d ago

And again we need a magnifying glass lol!, do you think someone playing, jumping, slashing, lots of enemys on screen will even realize the god damn differences that are in all the way in the horizon ?, well keep dreaming no one will even notice that one bit, hell even close up models is nothing to buzz about, take for example this part of the video and pause it:

The character in both sides look look average at best, the background one is on the staircases the other is another angle, both have hell low textures everything looks geometric, since the "X" or beast is so powerful I would wanted to see some kind high textures or somekind of tessellation on the back at least, but both look average and nothing to brag about, another thing if the x so powerful why not run at 60 fps ?, that would it portray a difference instantly.

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crazyCoconuts400d ago

Even with a 4k display I'm not seeing noticeable differences here without the magnification, sorry.

Death400d ago

It’s a little different when you actually play the game vs watching a vid or seeing an image. The overall experience is the same though.

ElementX399d ago

I'm really enjoying the game on my X. I don't have a 4k TV, however I'm impressed with the texture quality.

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