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Call of Duty: WWII trades on the familiar and, whilst its campaign suffers from some weak characters and a few safe bets, the multiplayer component remains compelling and rewarding. It's a throwback rather than a revolution but it's still fun. There's not a lot here that's new but you'll be occupied for another year, providing you haven't already tapped out.

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lnfiniteLoop337d ago

all I can think is the reviewer hasnt played the retail multiplayer since its release... broken bugfest...

MikePSC337d ago

We actually got the code late so we missed the initial launch period where the servers were completely arsed.

lnfiniteLoop336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

but the thing is its not just a case of the servers being completely arsed (they still are)... its the whole multiplayer thats arsed... so how about being honest with a lower review score instead of giving it an 8.0

MikePSC336d ago

I am being honest. A review is a snapshot in time. A snapshot in time where I enjoyed the multiplayer and didn't see any problems worth mentioning. Opinions differ. Maybe I just got lucky?

Killlacrusade337d ago

It Is call of duty so you'd expect hit detection issues, but to this extent, I like the HQ for this open "Immersive" experience "lol" Another way to see who gets what In lootboxes.

Apparently they have dedicated servers, they did something new, for once.
In the past few years regardless of outlet, I'd outright boycott going onto their site when they give such franchises the easy 8/9

Maybe this guy reviewed only the campaign and thinks multiplayer issues to this extent are okey ? Ow well >.<

lnfiniteLoop336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Apparently they have "a dedicated server" - corrected that for you... lol