Call of Duty WW2: Dedicated Server Tests Still Going On, PC Title Update Info To Come Soon

Sledgehammer gives an update on their recently released first person shooter.

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401d ago
fxa5209401d ago

The MP matchmaking is broken.. it takes ages to find a game. I could wait up to half an hour until i get into a game after frequent tries. Why the game is getting a pass for all online issues and a game like driveclub was smacked in metacritic reviews for lunch online issues.

NerveGearneeded401d ago

thats weird i have had only a couple issues disconnecting but always could find a match in short time, could be a problem on your end. if your NAT isnt open i hear that can be problematic.

fxa5209400d ago

It is open, showing NAT 2 in console info menu and during connection testing. I am guessing that they have some restrictions based on region....Also, HQ is always empty for me.... cant complete current challenge to move to next since i cant commend a fellow soldier.... Thank You Sledgehammer..

The_KELRaTH401d ago

If they switch to dedicated servers with server browser on PC they also need to look at enlarging the maps for at least 32 player (ideally 64 though as per the original). I think there would be a huge increase in PC sales.