How does Call of Duty: WW2 look on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro?

EuroGamer: "A first look at how Call of Duty World War 2 compares between PS4 Pro and the new Xbox One X. Image quality, 4K scaling and performance are our focus here on each system."

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DeadSilence29d ago

Dynamic 4K on both but X holds better.
Sledgehammer decided to use some filters and stuff that makes it look like WW2 so IQ is not ultra crisp.
Some better Shadows on X and AO.
Locked 60 all the time except some hiks (cpu streaming problems?).

Looks great, but what about OG Consoles?

Obscure_Observer29d ago (Edited 29d ago )


"Looks great, but what about OG Consoles?"

Unfortunelly they´re about to become more and more irrelevant now that the X and Pro are competing against each other. Digital Foundry will continue to do Xbox One and PS4 analysis, though. But just not on the same levels of depth as the mid gen consoles analysis.

Toby_198129d ago (Edited 29d ago )

WRONG..Are you serious? Majority of gamers around 90% bought the OG consoles. And they will still be on the same levels.

Obscure_Observer29d ago


Yeah dude, keep on living in your imaginary world. Tech evolves. Old tech is yesterday news, like it or not. Doesn´t matter if the majority of PC users are still using the old Windows 7. Nobody talks about it anymore.

Soon, the same is goin to happen to both og PS4 and Xbox One. Is already happening now. Keep up it the times. Evolve or die.

threefootwang29d ago

The X and the Pro competing against each other?

I don't think so. The X mops the floor with the Pro. It's not even a competition at this point.

Glad I held out for the X, definitely worth its value.

TFJWM29d ago

@threefootwang "The X and the Pro competing against each other?

I don't think so. The X mops the floor with the Pro. It's not even a competition at this point. "

Yet pretty much every comparison has the X having a slight rez bump and better shadows...

bumbleforce29d ago

well you better upgrade. I got a pro and Im getting an x. Those are the 2 that matter. just accept that og consoles are gonna be not as good no matter which you play on. plus they look even more crappy on switch but you can take on the go

DarXyde28d ago


Doubtful. Extremely doubtful. Development between the base models and their iterative upgrades is a pretty similar process so that makes no sense.

Phill-Spencer28d ago


"Glad I held out for the X, definitely worth its value"

You forgot the /s

Ju28d ago

Interesting, huh. And yet, the X is "sharper" and that's about it. No advantage in framerate, line count is 2160p on both while X hits 3840x2160 (more often), DF isn't even sure what the pixel count is, because the "temporal upscale makes it so hard to count pixels"...and yet, you guys see that in a video. Impressive. /s.

DialgaMarine28d ago

Majority of console sales from here on out will still be the base hardware. Maybe 20% will be upgrade consoles. The base hardware is still very much relevant.

NoPeace_Walker28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Toby_1981, stop with the damage control. This is a DF comparison between the Pro and the X, stop bringing in irrelevant stuff to the topic at hand. That is damage control from the PS crowd to try to switch the narrative to something else.

These DF comparison articles are basically over for this gen. The X Beast will take the console supremacy crown for ever game being compare from now on and the gap will only get bigger with time.

Ceaser985736128d ago

"I don't think so. The X mops the floor with the Pro. It's not even a competition at this point. "
Lmao!! Dudes like this are fun to watch... The difference ain't huge and he makes it look like Pro has PS2 era gfx compared to the X.. sigh!!

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SierraGuy28d ago

I don't know man I saw the fps dip a bit more on x1 especially in foggy areas.

Woolly_29d ago

Better Image Quality
Better Shadows and Ambient Occlusion
Pixels stay closer to 4k . . . on X.

Other than that, not much going on just like Creed:Origins.

Kribwalker29d ago

definitely better image quality. the blacks look a little crushed on the PS4 version. It woulda been nice for activision to up the textures as well like others, but maybe the marketing deal got in the way of that....

gangsta_red29d ago

Agreed, it definitely seems to be an issue on the Pro side with a lot of these comparisons, but not a deal breaker.

As for Activision, they would more than likely not put in the effort because CoD sells gangbusters already.

ziggurcat29d ago


no. the blacks aren't crushed in the Pro version... the black levels in both versions are identical... again.


marketing deals don't have any impact on the development of a game on a competing system. This series has, for a while now, focused primarily on frame rate over resolution. They continue to do that with this game - it's dynamic resolution for both versions in order to maintain that smooth frame rate, and DF even says the X version maintains a higher resolution more than the Pro version, so that completely debunks any idiotic conspiracy theory that Sony is somehow holding back the X version of this game because of a marketing deal.

Ju28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

"The blacks" Man, that has so nothing to do with what machine is faster... you guys come up with any sh!t instead of giving credit to the Pro how it holds up. Color variation could, e.g. be a result of a FP16 color pipeline as a product of the lower precision.

Ceaser985736128d ago

Post X launch Xbox fanboys are becoming more embarrassing they don't even know what they speak off and exaggerating .. ok fine guys X has realism gfx Pro sucks.. Feel happy now...

Toby_198129d ago

Shouldn't the One X look better since it's more expensive🤔

Sonyslave329d ago

Nope it depends on the developer just look at Wolfstien 2 & Shadow of war 2 & EVil within 2& Titan fall 2.

Also the xbox x only cause 100 more because that stupid ultra blueray player, get rid of it probably be the same peice as ps4 pro.

maybelovehate29d ago

Stupid UHD Bluray? Yeah no. That is an absolute necessity on a 4k machine.

Ghost_of_Tsushima29d ago (Edited 29d ago )


“Stupid UHD Bluray? Yeah no. That is an absolute necessity on a 4k machine.”

Absolute necessity my a**. It's a gaming console. Every last ounce of resources should be put into the hardware needed for gaming.

Sonic_Vs_Mario29d ago

"stupid ultra blueray player, get rid of it probably be the same peice as ps4 pro."

Xbox One X is future proof. when they reveal their next Xbox console they'll be able to add Ultra HD 4k discs that has over 128GB of storage.

TheUndertaker8528d ago

Yet Xbox One S includes a 4K Blu-Ray drive and costs less than the PS4 Slim

DialgaMarine28d ago

@Maybelovehate, I remember when Xbox fans were saying Blu Ray was irrelevant, since it offered no benefits to gaming (even though it actually did). Why all of the sudden is UHD a necessity when it literally does offer nothing to gaming?

Ju28d ago

Ya ya ya...we know the X has the flops. TF2 runs smoother on the Pro (for whatever reason), Wolfenstein 2 runs great on the Pro - only difference, yet again, is pure pixel count, same for Shadow of War, Evil 2 is probably the worst Pro version. Pro holds up quite well. But Ok...x-tra hype it up

King Nezz28d ago

Cause, 100 and blu-ray. Which one is stupid again?

Ghost_of_Tsushima28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


“Yet Xbox One S includes a 4K Blu-Ray drive and costs less than the PS4 Slim”

Well obviously. PS4 Slim is more powerful than Xbox One.

Aenea28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


BS, UHD bluray support means it can play UHD movies in 4k, that is totally separate from the capacity a drive can handle. What I mean is that a drive can be capable of reading 128GB discs but not be certified for UHD playback. We don't know what the drives in the PS4/Pro are capable of...

A console doesn't need UHD bluray for games

ziggurcat28d ago


If you're planning on watching UHD blu-ray movies on disc, sure... but for games, it's not necessary because the discs are the same ones being used for the base Xbox One, and any X enhancements are downloaded in a patch.

Ceaser985736128d ago

Future proof? Until PS5 releases Voila Xbox X 2 .. or whatever..

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maybelovehate29d ago

Yep and it does indeed. Hope Sony can offer a competing product soon.

Nyxus29d ago

The PS4 Pro is the competing product, there is no need to release yet another console so soon. Wait until 2019 / 2020 for the PS5.

Ghost_of_Tsushima29d ago (Edited 29d ago )


“Yep and it does indeed. Hope Sony can offer a competing product soon.“

Sony doesn’t need a competing product anytime soon. Look at their 2018 exclusives lineup. They’re bringing the games. The first and most important aspect of a gaming console.

maybelovehate29d ago

@Ghost: I am excited for Last of Us and God of War. And to an extent Death Stranding although I have no idea what it even is. But none of those come close to how excited I am for Anthem. And no, I am not playing it on the PS4 Semi Pro.

DialgaMarine28d ago

Nah. I’ll take a real next gen console that has games, ie the PS5. Xbox is pretty much dead at this point, outside of the refugee fanboy camps. Sony has no reason to compete with such sub par trash.

Ju28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Lets just see how this holiday season goes. I agree, Sony needs a new PlayStation. But I don't think it should be "just another faster" machine. If its feasible, they can drop the Pro to $299...Slim can be sold at $199 (obviously - see Black Friday adds). If indeed the X will massively outsell the PS4(s), dropping the price will probably work quite well - for the next 1-2 years. If the X stays at $500, that actually opens a door for Sony to target that segment, actually. I would want to see it late 2018, actually. But too many high profile games on the schedule for 2018. Sure - those could indeed be launch titles for a new machine - but also look great on the PS4(Pro).

ILostMyMind28d ago

Sony already has. It is known as PS4, that console that sells more than XBO and XBX together.

Ceaser985736128d ago

Anthem?? Don't keep your hopes high.. That will be a lootbox galore and since its EA I will wait on it.. Recently Lead animator of Anthem left the project..

KickSpinFilter28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

If you call 2020 soon. No need for Sony to do anything new till then they have the Pro and the S. Just keep doing amazing exclusives, 3rd party AAA DLC deals first to PS4, Expanding the player base. Grow services. Just keep killin it.

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NoPeace_Walker28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

It does look better and offer much higher resolution too. Watching on your 5 inch iphone, Doom on The Switch look the same as the PS4 version too. ☺ but watching it on a 4K or even a big 1080p screen, the X dominates.

"Dynamic resolution is present across both consoles. PS4 Pro OFTEN comes in at 1920x2160, while on Xbox One X resolution REGULARLY hits a full 3840x2160. Image quality is SOFTER on PS4 Pro much of the time, though temporal AA creates a smooth looking presentation on both systems."

OFTEN 1920(softer) vs REGULARY 3840(sharper), just as 1260P vs 1800p is plus $100 and more justified for the Beast! The Pro is an after thought at this point.

The beast wins again!

Ju28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

And yet, hardly visible. $399 machine hold up quite well. And "often 1920" and "regularly 3840" is comparing apples to oranges. What are the max and mins on both? Of course the $500 machine renders better. What do people expect? And videos don't do anything justice. You'd need to compare those at 4K lossless compression and all filters off in the video player.

NoPeace_Walker28d ago

"$399 machine hold up quite well. "

Whatever helps you sleep better, I guess.

What really held up quite well is my OG PS4 to the Pro though.

Ju28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Ha ha ha. Reading through comments I get the feeling you must get off with each of every one. Glad you finally have your "real" toy to play with.

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corroios29d ago

These comparison are even harder 400% to 600 zoom. Well. I think next gen they will go to 1000% Zoom or more to see the diferences.

B1uBurneR29d ago

You could see the difference without zoom. You should get one and see for yourself. I was playing Shadows of Mordor on the X in 1080p and the games look like the pc version with high settings. I have this game on pc. Several older games had similar results and are smooth like butter. As for COD you Should always play the better clearer version.

DialgaMarine28d ago

Who the hell buys two consoles, plugs them up to two separate TV’s, and plays both at the same time to find differences you have to us 4/6x zoom to see? And no. You play games like CoD with others who enjoy them, ie what console your online friends play on,

Ju28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Yay, now you see it. But miraculously you couldn't see the difference between One vs Pro. Which is a bigger step as Pro to X.

B1uBurneR28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

@Dialga & Ju. DF used zoom in Base systems comparisons so stop acting brand new.

They are comparing the same image and zooming in to show why the overall Image looks better on one than the other. Those "small details" applied all over the image makes a clearer difference on a full screen. One system cannot handle or do not have the "Power" to display Those "small details" to get a overall better picture.

Welcome to Mid-Gen.

Ju28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

They sure do. But I feel they getting overly excited lately, while the Pro did/does not get any such treatment,. It's inherently clear that a 6TF machine will outperform a 4.3TF machine. How is anyone surprised. What I am surprised is, that the Pro gets 0 recognition how well it performs; of course with the lesser pixelcount. How often do we hear there is "no benefit" to the Pro over the Slim - despite the fact it runs 2+ x the pixel count, yet everyone is blown away when a 900p game (or 720p) game suddenly gets a 4K treatment on the X. Now tell me why is that? Were you asleep the last year?

B1uBurneR28d ago

@Ju... yo.. you mad?
DF compared the Pro to the Base/Slim all year. Were you awake for the most part of this year.

Look I see the problem and you are looking at it wrong. As a Pro user you should be excited for the improvement you get over the base.

But if your camp Is not as excited as the XboX Camp over a midgen improvements. Don't get mad. Cause the way things are looking you're gonna be mad for a long time.

Sony did throw in a boost mode .. be grateful.

Aenea28d ago

"play the game, not the resolution"

--- Phil Spencer

gamersday0828d ago

No one talked about PS4 Pro because SONY decided to stay low profile about it. Not everyone who bought OG PS4 are aware of it ....yet. SONY has always been very strong in supporting their own product lines look at PS3. That's is why I can trust them. Not so for M$.

j15reed28d ago

It does look amazing and I have cheap 4K TV...

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