Microsoft showcases new Halo 3 Recon in Tokyo

Microsoft has just showcased the Halo expansion, now called Halo 3 Recon revealed by Bungie at Tokyo Game Show 2008.

More soon.

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dktxx23240d ago

your staying up all night, aren't you?

Deadman643240d ago

Your life is probably outdated. Try getting a new one...or hell even one in the first place.

PirateThom3240d ago

Sucessful troll is sucessful.

razer3240d ago

just take the nerds bubbles and move along people nothing to see here.

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CEO of Troll Corp3240d ago

The graphics were too compressed

pixelsword3240d ago

...because I wouldn't call it horrible, as the game will have time to improve, but that is pretty compressed. I don't know what to say about that.

rebirthofcaos3240d ago

craptastic all the danm conference XD XD

well now lets see how is the one from SONY

NMC20073240d ago

You won't admit it, nobody here will because PS fans hide behind walls of false happiness, if Sony came out and said they were gonna make a sequel to Jumping Flash and that's it, walked off stage, it would be a MEGATON here and ONLY here probably.

Sony can do no wrong, and if they do it's not their fault, it's like you guys are Sony's trophy wives or some shiz. lol.

Cenobia3240d ago

Could be cool if they do something similar to Oppossing Force/Blue Shift. It'd be pretty awesome if you crossed paths with Master Chief a couple of times.

Kind of an odd announcement for a press conference in Japan, but I'm sure everyone's happy. I wonder if MS has any more announcements they're saving for later. I was interested to see if they had any new IPs.

prowiew3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Halo 3 Recon. Probably the game that the ex Ghost Recon dev is working on.
Get it. Ghost Recon / Halo Recon. mmm. Could it be a more tactical halo? Time will tell

jackdoe3240d ago

Highlight of MS Press Conference. Could be very cool, if they showcase the actual war that was promised in those Halo 3 ads.

KillaManiac3240d ago

Its HUGE news for Halo fans, but why announce it at TGS. Japan gamers can't stand FPS games for the most part.

Shoulda been done at E3 instead of the "pull the plug" announcement.

No Way3240d ago

It's just another big show; Like E3. Everybody will still see, eventually. It's just one more opportunity to showcase more games.