Ninja Gaiden Prepared Me For Nioh And The Souls-Like Genre

Liswed writes "Xbox announced the first batch of original Xbox games late last month. As an owner and all around fan of the original Xbox, I would say that the list of games announced brought back some fond memories. Of all the games that are a part of this nostalgic selection, one stuck out to me the most. It’s a game that truly tested my patience and introduced this type of difficult challenge to my stubborn soul. It’s a game I credit for preparing me for games like Nioh and other titles in the Souls-like genre. Of course, I am talking about Koei Tecmo’s Ninja Gaiden."

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Pr0xi394d ago

Dark Souls took awhile to grow on me but Nioh got me almost immediately with the demo. I know exactly what you mean about how the two are different.

Skull521394d ago

NG3 was a disaster but I'd love to see NG2 come to XBOX Enhanced backwards compatibility, I'd play that again in a heartbeat.

mikeslemonade393d ago

Sorry. NG was never in the same level of difficulty as Nioh or Souls. NG is forgiving because of checkpoints. You didn't have to learn from your mistakes. You can win by more luck. In Souls, luck is arguably nonexistant. Trying and trying again only gets you so far. You have to either go learn or level up. Plus NG not at all plays the same way.

Jaypi03394d ago

I agree, Nioh appealed to me way more than Dark Souls, I bought all 3 but I can't really get into them too deeply like I did Nioh sadly.

cahivokuv393d ago

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LeeU393d ago

yeah, Nioh is still hard as shit but I love that game way more than any of the souls games

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AnubisG394d ago

Why is this gaming news? Why are some people so narcisistic that they think we are interested what theor gaming life is like to a point we want to read an "article" about it?

Summons75394d ago

It's not news, it's clearly labeled an OPINION PIECE and sometimes, just sometimes there are people out there in the world who want to know how other people feel about a game, console, genre. Opinion pieces aren't narcissistic at all and if YOU don't want to read it then why did you even bother clicking?

AnubisG393d ago

You are right, I should have. If I want someones opinion, I look at a review.

joab777394d ago

Nioh is my GotY. It may not be the best game, but the one I had the most fun with for sure. AC is actually pretty close, as are Horizon and Zelda. But AC reminds me of TW3. Really good!

Movefasta1993393d ago

Ac Origins pretty much shows how great ubisoft can be when they don't rush things.The attention to detail in that game is outstanding

LeeU393d ago

I agree with this so much, I've been playing AC origins for the past week and a half and it is way more polished than the last 4 games in the series. The attention to detail as you mentioned is what makes it so great

LeeU393d ago

If you picked Nioh or AC as game of the year I wouldn't be mad. 2017 is the kind of year in video games where you could possibly see different outlets and people choose various different games as their game of the year. We were lucky this year for sure

opinionated393d ago

I’m with you pal. Nioh is the best game this year easily. Ghost of Tsushima next year!

Imalwaysright394d ago

Ninja Gaiden is much more difficult than Souls games and Ni-oh. It's actually unfair because sometimes enemies get behind you and you don't see them due to the not so good camera. Still a brilliant game imo though.

kevnb393d ago

But you can pull off some overpowered combos to make up for it, only parts I found hard were a few of the bosses.

Movefasta1993393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

What overpowered combos and what difficulty were you playing at.ibhave played black and 2 and I know for a fact that you can’t stay long enough on one enemy before an exploding kunai gets thrown at you.younmustrbhave been playing on normal,the bosses are actually easier in most cases

NiteX394d ago

Been wanting a new Ninja Gaiden game since they fucked up 3. Maybe they'd get it right with number 4.

babadivad394d ago

That's unlikely without Itagaki. With him gone and not directing the series, we've seen what happens.

LeeU393d ago

we sure have seen what happens and the results are not so good

LeeU393d ago

I really wished they did something with the property that brought it closer to the NGB days

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