XboxOZ360-Gamer: Duke Nukem 3D XBLA Review

DarkArmada writes:

"Being such a cult hit and a game played by the majority of gamers even before hitting XBLA, I wouldn't be giving the game the respect it deserves if I were to sit here explaining the ins and outs of it. Just know it's a raw, sexy and cynical take on FPS's and movies in general with a whole bunch of catchy one-liners, a vast array of weapons, and plenty of enemies to kill with them."

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Immortal Kaim3539d ago

This game is a classic, definitely agree with the score. Nostalgia FTW.

XboxOZ3603539d ago

Oddly enough I've never played the game, so it looks like a trip to XBLA is in order.

Hunter863539d ago

Glad to see this one pop-up on xbl. Can't wait till the lag is sorted out so can get some good 8 player co-op going on.

Godem3539d ago

Im sorry but when i played the trail I though it was a terrible game! Doom 3 was so much better.

Although I must admit, what Duke says is quite hilarious

Superfragilistic3539d ago

Doom 3 came much later! lol

I might just have to go "get some"...

gaminoz3539d ago

I guess this will feed those waiting for the next gen version....

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