This Gorgeous Cosplayer Can Transform Herself Into Any Character and It's Spectacular

From the Widowmaker from Overwatch to Harley Quinn from Batman, Justyna Sosnowska can turn herself into any character with amazing results.

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SojournUK400d ago

“From various technical methods of mapping the images of the characters to strengthening certain personality traits such as patience, precision, succession in pursuit of the goal.”

And Photoshop...

2cents400d ago

Man that quote sound so pretentious.

400d ago
Fist4achin400d ago

Pretty cool! I wonder how long does it take to put one of those together.

GrimDragon400d ago

The majin buu is amazing.

SarcasticDuck399d ago

Biggest cosplay I see here is from MrBigCat who's trying to look like an article writer but fails miserably!

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