Fresh 'Resident Evil 4 HD Project' Screens Breathe New Life Into Capcom's Survival Horror Classic

Two fans step up to do what Capcom couldn't with Resident Evil 4 HD Project, new screens showcase huge update to Chapter 4's assets.

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derkasan316d ago

This is a huge undertaking, but I appreciate what they're doing. Here's hoping Capcom doesn't C&D them.

dead_pixels316d ago

Have they been known to bring the hammer down on PC mods? I'm guessing they'll be fine, but it would be a real shame to see it happen. This update certainly wipes the floor with Capcom's official HD offering.

NovusTerminus316d ago

The only mods that Capcom shut down to my knowledge was with SF:V when modders started charging money for them, overall things like texture mods Capcom doesn't normally step in to do anything about.

Hatsune_Miku07316d ago

Capcom pinned the mod in SteamCommunity. Capcom won't C&D them

NerveGearneeded316d ago

ive been following this project for awhile and check the site every now and than for updates.

hulijizomi316d ago

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OoglyBoogly316d ago

It's like the Star Citizen of mods.

Every time I see it I keep getting more impressed but it never wants to actually come out.

Plus, I always felt like it was a LOT of work for such a game. Appreciated, for sure, but ultimately...why? :-p

Looking forward to it!

Lolyta316d ago

Capcom actually support this project , they been talking about it in one of their live streams

roadkillers316d ago

Resident Evil 4 was a blast!