Xbox Live membership hits 14 million

Microsoft just confirmed that Xbox Live membership has now hit 14 million.

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PirateThom3572d ago

I'd like a breakdown of Gold/Silver, but we'll never get that.

Breakfast3572d ago

...Halo second account-ers.
Theres a trillion of those.

psycho3603572d ago

Agreed. I believe they should tell us the Gold/Silver breakdown. Unless the ratio is not good. I know few people having multiple accounts just cuz you are allowed to have 3 free 1 month gold accounts per machine. I used to have 4 before now i'm just sticking to one account for gamerscore.

AAACE53571d ago

Doesn't really matter, as long as people are using the service! I know alot of people have let their Gold account run out, but then again, they probably just want to download stuff, and didn't play alot of online anyway!

darthv723571d ago

I have 1 gold and two silver. My kids (guitar hero/rockband) and my wife (feeding frenzy & zuma). They don't need to be competitive online. Me...I got to "go for the gold".

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GiantEnemyLobster3572d ago

Enjoying a better online service than that of a certain other console's.. :)

dukadork3572d ago

14 million premature ejaculations

Silogon3572d ago

Sony has sold 16.4 million ps3's according to a real source "TVGC", so that means they have 16.4 million psn subs, at will. No subscription price to be had.

So, in technicality terms, they beat Microsoft at their own game. Now, granted Sony doesn't ahve "ALL" 16.4 million ps3 owners connected, but I'm willing to bet, with the price of the system and the level of people who can afford it, they're working at atleast 70% capacity.

jack who3572d ago

u got a link? or u pulling that from ur ass

3572d ago
GiantEnemyLobster3572d ago

Lol fail. You can't sign up for the ShhitStation Network unless you are connected to the internet. And I don't think every single PS3 owner is connected to the internet. Again, LOL FAIL, though I wouldn't expect any more from a PStard.

THWIP3572d ago

Of course he pulled it from his ass...but he had to remove the 12" dildo first. ;)

JasonPC360PS3Wii3572d ago

There is a Live account for every PS3 sold, can we say "last"???

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kewlkat0073572d ago

The Business model is making good amount of money, no way you cut that off any time soon. Especially if more people continue to jump on board/in.

jaysquared3572d ago

The only way XBL will become free is when PSN is in the same league and remains free.. PSN has really improved though the last few months and have really gotten me thinking of scrapping my 360 for a PS3 just because of the free online.

cmrbe3572d ago

the other 30% are not connected??? or something else :)

Lelouch V Brit3572d ago

^^^ Maybe They don't like to play online.

silverchode3572d ago

33% hardware failure might have something to do with it. :)

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