Game review: Super Lucky’s Tale is not the Xbox’s answer to Mario | Metro

Bland, boring, and badly made – returning to the bad old days of low rent mascot platformers is not a good way to demonstrate the power of the Xbox One X.

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Sono421368d ago

I'm sure this game isn't that good, but for a game to be a 3/10 it has to be worse then bad.. it has to be broken.

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chrisx369d ago

Guess knack aint so bad eh.

guyman369d ago

still better than this kak

DialgaMarine369d ago

Words Spoken from a person who has never played it are irrelevant.

G20WLY369d ago

My nephew's LOVE Knack 2 in co-op. Not really my taste, but I do love me some Ratchet and Clank!

Platinum_Fan369d ago

Knack is actually pretty fun especially if you play it co-op.

PhoenixUp369d ago

Who dafuq said it would be?

EatCrow369d ago

Nobody. I disapprove the quality of a games review when it begins with a comparison headline like this... A comparison nobody was making to begin with.

Gavex369d ago

i own super lucky's and its really solid game, no way its a 3. 6-7 would be more realistic.

G20WLY369d ago

I swear the VR was where the charm came from. It's what made it fresh. It was an okay game with wow factor.

Taking that away from the franchise killed it stone dead for me and made it bland.

Hopefully they make another in VR. Not hating, if you played both, you'd probably agree.

Dario_DC368d ago

VR can make average games into really cool ones. There're games I would never play on the TV but in VR I love them. Bound is a good example of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.