Star Ocean: The Last Hope first gameplay video

Here's a first video of Star Ocean : The Last Hope for the Xbox 360 which is playable at Tokyo Game Show.

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CEO of Troll Corp3546d ago

Looks like a compressed game,this must be the xbox 360 version

MAiKU3546d ago

Although i admire your attack on the 360, this is a 360 exclusive. No one from square-enix has stated that this is coming to the ps3.

Adriana Lima3546d ago

I wanna see WK from lvl 5 and compare the two. Both look awesome.
Is this game going to the ps3 later or is it locked on the 360.

PirateThom3546d ago

Square Enix have tried to steer away from calling it exclusive, unlike Infinite Undisocvery, which makes me think it's timed exclusive.

Adriana Lima3546d ago

sometime in the next year.

KillaManiac3546d ago

Looks great!

I hope it comes out for my PS3, but if not...I don't mind buying it for my 360.

Star Ocean is a GREAT series!

Omegasyde3546d ago

How can they continue the story? I remember at the end of the last one , the game was a game with in a game like the .Hack Series.

Seriously the ending blew, the combat was cool.

Did ANYONE actually beat the last Star Ocean?

rhood0223546d ago


Yeah, I did. I was completely disappointed and like..what the hell?

This does look promising though. I will keep it on my radar.

Lanoire3545d ago

SO4 360 exclusive. And after looking through the vid, its clear why.
Jeez, no wonder this is 360 exclusive. The game is garbage.
The worlds dont even make any sense. Going from cave to snow covered forest to...spring forest?


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gdguide3546d ago

Love the speed of the combat, but the old school "battle area is the same regardless where you are" is just last gen by now. Here they are walking on stairs that go down another 500 feet, and you have a random battle up there that ends up on a 500' x 500' flat field. I can't believe devs are still falling back on that. This isn't the PS1 era any more. White Knight cleans up in that area with battles right there in the environments. Anything less this gen is falling back on last gen. That would drive me nuts knowing how it can be done properly.

Adriana Lima3546d ago

but the combat looks intense.

kewlkat0073546d ago

By the time this game comes out, I should have the new Update, so how many disc will this be?

Install on the HDD please...

This will be my first "SO" game.

Marojado3546d ago

Dude, Star Ocean games are spectacular. If this lives up to it's predecessors, you're going to love it.

kewlkat0073546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

Sorry I'm old-school JRPG guy ala Lost Odyssey is my style, I've been very reluctant to embrace Action-based, I wish a choice was given to gamers at the beginning.

That's just me though...Call me Old-School, I have not liked the "Automated" functions of my fighters in JRPGs I guess.

Though the Gambit System works in FF12, I enjoy "choosing spells/skills/magic" and watching my characters develop individually as I put each one to use independent of each other and watching them do their thing, instead of an all out brawl/melee.

I also embrace "Random battles" I see my self running past monsters in the world map, I couldn't dare to do in FFX and other Random Battle JRPGs, again too easy. I miss the suspense and not knowing what lurks in new areas. sometimes you can get in a nasty battle you were not looking for. Again been playing JRPGs sinse NES.

As you know Turn-based/Action-based is a hot debate..but I didn't grow up on PS2 JRPGs.

Marojado3546d ago

Yeah, i know what you're saying. And I've been an RPG fan for a lot longer than just the PS2. RPGs were my main choice of game when i was younger. That said, it's always good to try something a little different, diversify every now and again :) I do reckon you'd really enjoy the Star Ocean series if you gave a it a shot, it actually started on the Super Nintendo like over a decade ago and some of the influences are still there :) hopefully there's a demo before release so you can give it a bash before dropping any cash or anything.

DJ3546d ago

Like FFXII and Rogue Galaxy. But the Star Ocean series has been rock solid so far.

Marojado3546d ago

I have to admit, i have a lot of love for Rogue Galaxy. And Level 5 in general. Waiting on WKC...

kewlkat0073546d ago

but Level 5 have really come into their own. From what I hear and have heard. There is a time period between 2003-2005 where I missed out of some JRPGs because of graduating college and working on building my bank account, I sorta stop gaming for a little. FF12 was the last title I played on PS2, when I sorta got back into gaming and there was a surge with the Xbox 360.

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tako20003546d ago

To tell the truth, it looks way better then IU...

At the other hand, I don't think its going to PS3...X360 now is doing anything they can to outpace PS3.

I bet MS already spend a lot of money to solid the exclusive contract with SE, and we all know Sony don't have that kind of money.

Well, it comes out next year so still time to save up the money~ ^^

jjl3546d ago

Hard to say at this point. Microsoft would have to dish out a lot of money to keep it from Sony. Enough to make compensate for potential sales for a PS3 release, and from what I remember, Star Ocean is decently popular in Japan. For sure timed release at this point, exclusivity, only time will tell.

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