Rumor: Bungie to Announce Marathon Remake

Kombo writes: "Well, we've got a bit of a crazy a rumor.

We have received word from a credible source that Bungie's surprise announcement will be a remake of Marathon. As you may recall, Bungie is expected to make a surprise announcement tonight of their upcoming title. As of now, Bungie hasn't announced the set platforms for the title, except that the title will appear on the Xbox 360."

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Xelai3484d ago

I feel like that this rumor is bogus, I see in my little crystal ball the word RECON, ummmm...

Sarcasm3484d ago

Probably because it was released as a Macintosh game back in the early 90's (I think)

TheColbertinator3484d ago

Good that Bungie is getting back to Marathon

Theoneneo813484d ago

Marathon was awsome Had it on the mac i really hope now since bungie is no longer part of MS that this can hit the ps3 if it does im buying this game.

BlackIceJoe3484d ago

I so would love a Marathon remake I loved the game on the Mac and I think a remake on the 360 would be great news.

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The story is too old to be commented.