Game Revolution: Fracture Review

Game Revolution writes: "Submitted for your consideration, a vision of America that could barely have been imagined in the triumphant days following the end of the Cold War: The midsection of the country is a flooded environmental ruin, thrashed by Mother Climate Change; long-simmering debates on frightening, controversial new areas of research finally boiling to the sociopolitical surface, blaring dire tidings on every news channel, radio frequency, and net forum; the square-jawed old-guarders in the Eastern states squaring off with the separatist Left-Coast wing-nuts ideologically HQ'd in (New) San Francisco; and radical new technologies emerging on that oldest of proving-grounds-the battlefield.

But enough about the present. Let's look forward to America 2161, as portrayed in LucasArts's terrain-deforming action game, Fracture."

+ True, on-the-fly terrain modding
- . . .that you will want more of quickly.
+ Good presentation
+ Unique gameplay hook, even in solo play
+/- . . .for a while at least.
+ Interesting game world
+ Multiplay gives the game decent replay legs
- Repetitive
- Dumb AI

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