Origins Is Not A Good Assassin’s Creed Game

Though it certainly isn’t a bad game, Origins fails to represent the established pillars of Ubisoft’s popular franchise.

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Bigpappy339d ago

Maybe that's why more people like and bought it. Just play the game and enjoy it. Stop writing dumb opinion pieces. The developer, I am sure, strongly disagrees with you.


Black Flag was my favorite (and one of my personal favorite games of all time) AC game specifically BECAUSE it veered away from the Assassin's Creed formula.

Skull521338d ago

I still like the original the best. May have been repetitive but it was something like I'd never played before. 2 was awful, Ezio was a little bitch. 3 and 4 were great as well, I skipped all the others. Haven't got around to Orgins yet because there is so much to play right now but I did buy it.

Krysis338d ago

@skull 2 was the shining star of the franchise and Ezio considered the best of the lead characters. It went downhill after that until black flag which was great because it went off formula and breathed new life into the franchise, then it went back to the same old crap. Origins is awesome, the gameplay is good and I'm loving the loot system and the RPG elements even if it is minimal.

Skull521338d ago

Nah, the only thing that stood out about 2 was Ezio cried the whole game, totally off-putting.

SickSinceSix338d ago

@Skull521 The second one had one of the best easter eggs in the series though.

FloydianAndroid338d ago

@skull521 everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I can’t imagine anyone thinking ac 3 was better than 2.

milohighclub337d ago

I agree with skull. 2 was the worst. Well it probably wouldn't have been if they didn't drag it on for 3 games.

3 was the best just because it did something that should have been in from the start and that was tree climbing. Hanging guards with the rope dart was awesome.. running round the frontier was so much fun.

Ezio is at the bottom of the list imo.

boing1337d ago

I loved first AC too. For me Origins is evoking the same feelings. Sense of wonder is amazing. Egypt is the real star of the game.

morganfell337d ago

Holy crap the world is ending. I am agreeing with Skull on something.

The first is for me still the best because they retained the most lore regarding the Nizari Ismaili. My other favorite in the series is ACIII. In both of these titles, you weren't in the Bugs Bunny cartoon where the hats flew out of a truck and putting on the hat made you that character. You do not just don the robes of an Assassin and become an Assassin. It requires training and these two titles made a point of that. In addition, the beginning of ACIII brings with it one of the greatest story flips in recent gaming memory. The h2h fighting in ACIII had the most finesse I have experienced in any of the games and the only one I have not owned and completed is Origins. I own ACIII on PS3 and PC and love that game. I also like Assassins Creed Rogue, a much overlooked titles in the series.

I didn't care for Ezio at all. It was only when he reached Revelations that he had matured enough for the annoying immaturity to fade. Black Flag was worth playing just for the ending and the tie in to ACIII as well as some of the historic characters you met along the way. Otherwise not fun and the sailing with ships always spinning around everywhere like Saturday night in a kids tub was absurd. It ruined the entire idea of the hunt. Simplistic and overly so.

The entire idea of a privateer chasing down and killing a trained Assassin and the suddenly becoming skillful in that trade was ridiculous. The h2h fighting was messy and more like simple brawling.

Diffraction_Fos337d ago

@Skull521 - The first AC was my favorite as well. It was like a very refreshing break from everything I had been playing up until that point. It was indeed repetitive, but I was intrigued until the end. Especially because of the riveting concept and storytelling they came up with.

Then they ruined it by going the soap opera route with the whiny and annoying Ezio. It was a huge bummer. (Newsflash - More gadgets does not automatically equal good game.) Kind of like when Capcom decided to soapify DMC franchise by introducing a whiny crybaby in DMC4. Thank god, they had enough common sense to at least retain Dante as a side character in that game.

oasdada337d ago

Are we the only ones who think 1 was better than 2? i agree with everything u say.. i also didnt like ezio until revolution and also 1 had better graphics than 2

No Way337d ago

I agree - there was so much about the first that I preferred over the rest. Most noticeably, the fact that you weren't some super hero. You had to actually try and be stealthy to get the kill; otherwise, you had to run and hide. You couldn't fight and kill 30 soldiers in one go. You had to be an assassin, not a multi-kill machine. Also, the blending aspect was on point, it was the best. Blending in with the monks was awesome.

starchild337d ago

I did enjoy AC2 but for my tastes it is overhyped by a lot of people. Some people put it on a pedestal and I simply don't understand why.

Anyway, the first Assassin's Creed will always hold a special place for me in the series.

XisThatKid337d ago

Your not alone.

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Chocoburger337d ago

I beat the game, and it's really lackluster from combat, to freerunning (more restrictive than previous games!), to story.

Its just a big open world with boring, repetitive checklist things to do. Its a snooze.

Dark_Knightmare2337d ago

Yeah you didn't play it because you can freerun and climb pretty much everything,the combat is actually challenging instead of counter god mode and what checklist lol doing sidequests like all open world games have

Artemidorus337d ago

Listen to the millennial, buy the loot creates, get in debt and keep supporting Ubisoft.

They got golf memberships to renewal.

getbacktogaming337d ago


I can't believe anyone would think you actually meant that lol.

starchild337d ago

It seems that Assassin's Creed just can't win with some people. If it stays too much the same they'll say it's a tired franchise that needs to innovate, but when it changes (for the better, too) they complain that it isn't Assassin's Creed enough. I think some people just want to find any excuse to hate this franchise.

Personally, I think Origins is fantastic. In my opinion it's the best Assassin's Creed game so far.

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-Foxtrot339d ago

Isn't that the problem with this team...both Origins and Black Flag share the same problem.

"It's a good game...but it's not a good Assassins Creed game"

Seriously Ubisoft need to put these guys on a new IP. I could see a great Prince of Persia game from them or an amazing RPG Pirate game.

DrumBeat338d ago

I haven't heard anything about Skull and Bones for awhile. They're surely working on it?

-Foxtrot338d ago

Probably although in my opinion Skull and Bones is basically a dumbed down Black Flags where you are stuck on a boat. It's basically For Honor: I'm on a Boat edition

I want something like the cancelled Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned

Krysis338d ago

If they made origins a new IP then you would have complained it was to much like assassins creed and shouldn't have been a new IP.

XbladeTeddy337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

"I could see a great Prince of Persia game from them"

Assassin's Creed is the Prince of Persia games. The first AC was even called Prince of Persia: Assassin before they changed the name.

bigmalky337d ago

Well, AC is shite compared to the PoP trilogy on PS2. Those games were very playable without having to send you off searching for feathers and the combat was much more satisfying.

I'd take running away from the Dahaka with Godsmack playing in the background, to getting sidetracked into boring side quests.

bigmalky336d ago

Bloody casual kids downvoting as usual.

Lord_Sloth337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

I agree and disagree. Black Flag was very very different, but still overall felt like a Creed game. All the mission types were back, swordplay was there, Story felt right, they just replaced the horse with a Brig and with it added a whole new type of combat.

I've yet to play Origins but it doesn't seem very Creed like. A solid game I'm sure.

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sammarshall102339d ago

Let's see in Origins I play an assassin that climbs, uses stealth and execute guards and other enemies in a huge yet beautiful open world

It's the same series with just many improvements like being able to set traps in the environment or freeing a lion to attack guards. The side quests also seem more polished

I'm loving Origins

337d ago
stefan_771339d ago

It's not a good game in general. Combat is imprecise and unresponsive, there is next to no story and there is too much emphasis on boring side quests

Takwin338d ago

Best side quests in the series, and a really nice story.

Combat is also the best in the series.

I think Assassin's Creed games might not be for you.

jaymacx338d ago

the combat is pretty good. I had to figure out how to beat each enemy type and learning to parry is your best friend

tontontam0338d ago

I think for him


MagicBeanz338d ago

Its a great game actually. Combat takes skill and actual thought as apposed to wait for strike then counter and repeat. There is plenty of story but maybe your skipping cut scenes or something and the side quests are abundant and varied enough that they shouldn't bore anyone accept the most hard to please people.

SickSinceSix338d ago

You want it to return to the spam counter-attacks while each enemy attacks one at a time? The new combat is a welcome change imo.

Crueltylizer337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

I agree with the combat. Its awkward and wonky and could definitely have been improved a lot if they had stuck more to the formular from For Honor that they had already been given. Instead combat and sneaking in general just feels like its lacking and at times a complete mess of chaos.

Storywise it gets better, but it feels uninspired and dull at times - especially the beginning.

And yes the sidequests gets just as repetitive as the first games once you hit level 20. It feels more like doing a chore than having fun. Clearing one questionmar.... camp after another just feels like it was put there in all randomness to fill out the huge world.

Another thing is the NPC's. I swear this is the first game I've had to restart multiple quests because NPC's gets stuck. Jumps in the water for no apparent reason and just stays there and enemy NPC's that suddenly know exactly where you are even though you've been hiding for the last minute in the same bush.

With all that said I'm still enjoying parts of the game. And yes some of the sidequests are alright and entertaining, but in the long run I think I would have loved a smaller world and more focus on combat and sneaking.

meka2611336d ago

Definitely agree, having a blast with the game so far, but let's not act like the game is perfect.

starchild337d ago

You must be playing a different game than I am.

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