Low Attendance Forces Smash Bros Organizer To Sell His House For Tournament Funds

After skipping 2016, long-running Super Smash Bros. tournament series Tipped Off is set to return to the state of Georgia this weekend for its twelfth installment. But while the weeks leading up an event of this caliber are typically a time to promote the upcoming competition, the festivities have taken on a dour tone after the head organizer announced he was forced to sell off his house in order to fund the tournament.

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FallenAngel1984276d ago

That’s true dedication right there

paradigmfellow275d ago

No, this is an example of poorly planning your priorities.

subtenko275d ago

Stop encouraging others to be so naive with poor planning. Your takling about peoples livelyhoods here....

cahivokuv275d ago

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MeteorPanda276d ago

Can nintendo reward this fan? Where is the crowd fubd??

subtenko275d ago

No he should have had a crowd fund in the first place beforehand

Frinker276d ago

This guy needs to rethink his priorities

Many-hat5276d ago

Yeah, sadly you're correct,I think. If he did this as a business venture hoping for profit, maybe he was in to deep to back out, but having to sell your house, that seems like bad judgement. If he did this because of his passion for Nintendo got the better of him then yep, he need to rethink his priorities, as you said.

cpayne93275d ago

If he had even close to the attendees he had at the last one he would have been fine, but he didnt get half of what he got before. Like the article said, he made some bad decisions and once it became clear that things were going sour it was too late to back out. He could either cancel and lose 12000 or run it and lose 15000.

gangsta_red276d ago

These types of fighting games only have a limited window of interest.

XisThatKid276d ago

Lmao you really think melee isn't played at major tournies?

cpayne93275d ago

It was a major tourney at the last one.

Cyro275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

What do you mean? Smash 4 was the second most popular game at EVO 2017 behind SFV and first if you include both Smash4 and Melee. Daily reminder that Melee is almost 16 years old.

gangsta_red275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Wasnt really referring to Evo but mostly all other tourneys like the one mentioned in this article.

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The story is too old to be commented.