Dead Space: Getting the Narrative Tone Just Right

Dead Space may have relied on tropes and common sci-fi cliches with its antagonists, yet the way it flings you into this mish-mash of personal turmoil and cosmic malice underscores the essence of survival-horror and why it still can be effective for both player and player-character. Even if the jump-scares do become predictable, Visceral could clearly see past the surface level, building a narrative that put players in an uncanny middle-ground whose challenge was how quickly you could pull yourself from out one scenario and into another. But best of all, knowing full well such a stark change was approaching, just not when…and why.

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bivexaton35d ago

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FallenAngel198435d ago

“Dead Space may have relied on tropes and common sci-fi cliches with its antagonists”

At this point what property hasn’t used cliches in its body of work?

opinionated34d ago

Dead space 1 is masterpiece in atmospheric storytelling and pacing. Touted games like the last of us can’t hold a candle to it.

Darkstryder36034d ago

Last of Us was overrated. Could see gameplay arcs coming a mile off.

Hmm, wonder what will happen in this open area, with scattered hip height boxes?!... Yes, a gun fight.

Dead Space was incredible! 2nd one was great also. My all time favourite weapon, the nail gun, so satisfying sticking a necromorph to a wall

opinionated33d ago

Yup one of my favorites of all time. The atmosphere was “cinematic” but it was an action-horror game first and foremost. If you wanted the real story you had to look for it and interpret/speculate on things like the cult or ending. It wasn’t “watch story and then proceed to the combat arena” they were combined beautifully in dead space.

Bioshocks, RE4, condemned criminal origins, cod4 and uncharted 2. These are the techniques and pacing of gold. The most perfect balance in interactive media.

kevnb34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I always thought of the dead space games as good but not great. Core mechanics like the way you simply walk around just don’t feel right in the game, it really holds it back.

stefan_77133d ago

Never could get into these