Nintendo Is About To Go Crazy With Switch Production, 25-30 Million Coming In 2018

Forbes writes: "According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is ramping up production of the Switch to a frankly astonishing degree in 2018. Apparently Nintendo is planning to produce between 25-30 million Switches next year, chasing after the grand total of the 100+ million units the Wii sold over its lifetime."

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Moonman101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Hopefully it's true, that means mad games are coming!!!! :) A little off topic, but I think Retro is working on a sequel to Donkey Kong 64. I wonder what else they could be working on if not. Maybe a new IP? I also think Metroid Prime 4 will arrive in 2018 because it's already on pre-order.

DeadSilence101d ago

The new big thing is here, glad Sony is getting some competition sales wise.

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XMessiah23x101d ago

If it is accepted as the portable go to machine sans the DS or 3ds it will be great. But its not the primary home console for the majority of gamers it is just to weak of a console power wise for that.

eagle21101d ago

Have you seen the study Nintendo did on Switch usage? It really is being used as a hybrid by many of Switch owners and around 30% use it in handheld mode mostly:

" As expected, a large number of players swap between both handheld mode and docked somewhat evenly. Interestingly enough, about 30 percent of users play the Switch in handheld mode a majority of the time. In contrast, just under 20 percent of players keep the Switch docked most of the time."

Source: https://www.digitaltrends.c...

XMessiah23x101d ago

I use mine only in docked mode. And Mario and Zelda are great games. That being said Nintendo consoles are not where you want to play Multi-plat titles on. I love my switch but I knew when I bought it I would never buy a Mutli-plat title for it.

ChickeyCantor100d ago

> That being said Nintendo consoles are not where you want to play Multi-plat titles on

Ok little dictator, calm down.

NotoriousWhiz100d ago

And the great thing is that you have the option to do that. For me, the Switch does the hybrid thing way better than the PS4 / vita combo. So I will buy most of my multi-platform titles on the Switch. I probably play games 30% docked and 70% undocked. And graphics have never been a big deal to me, so I guess that makes it easier too. And I think Indies make the most sense on the Switch as well especially since in most indie games, there is no difference between the PS4 and the Switch version.

XMessiah23x100d ago

If it had the power to compare to the other systems I would agree. But the Switch puts out 1080p as where the pro does close to 4k and the XXX even outdoes the Pro. That to much to give up to for me on multiplat titles.

Many-hat5100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

When I suggested Switch was great for Nintendo exclusives, but few would choose it for multi-plats, I was informed by many disagrees, that many fans would choose to play multi-plats in held-held mode. So, other than those who only have a Switch OR those that like to play multi-plats on the go, nobody else would choose to play multi-plats on a Switch, for the very reason you state. Unless someone can explain why I would choose to play a much weaker version of a game on a much weaker platform. Excepting the above reasons! I think sales will show us to be correct, XMessiah23x. At this point in time I'm playing more BOTW than any other game, but if I could have got it on my PS4 or X1X, I would have done,obviously. Oh, BTW, I'm in the 20% of users who play my Switch docked 99% of the time.

3-4-5100d ago

I've used it 100% has a home console. Haven't even used the joy cons or as a handheld yet....I love the Pro controller.

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yellowgerbil101d ago

Well it is good that production is increasing I think they are taking a bit TOO far. I would say best case with infinite supply they would sell 15-20 mil in 2018 (I don't expect a price drop till 2019 at earliest, or if like the WIIU ever...)
So if they sell 20 million but produce 30 million, at 200$ cost per system that is 2billion dollars that they are throwing away for the year that would be better used making more games.

Moonman101d ago

It simply depends on which software titles are coming. I expect major third party support in 2018. Nintendo could be preparing Pokemon or something huge like that in 2018. Never underestimate the power of Pokemon. lol

The 10th Rider101d ago

I mean, they do still have Pokemon planned for 2018. If they've got a 2D Mario, Mario Party, or Animal crossing that would give the console a great boost too.

yellowgerbil101d ago

yeah, but 30 million in a year. Even the ps2, the best selling console at 150mil sold, never accomplished that.
hell Xbox hasn't even had a 20 million year before. I just don't see any possible way for them to sell 30 million in a year. With that said I love the Switch and hope it the best, its a ton of fun to play and got me back on board Nintendo which hasn't been really on my radar since the NES days (owned a gamecube and wii but both didn't really get much play from me)

The 10th Rider101d ago (Edited 101d ago )


Well, production is different from sales. It's possible that they're only expecting to sell 20-25 million but by producing 25-30 million they're able to bring the production costs down.

Also handhelds sell differently since people are far more likely to buy more than one per household. The DS managed to sell almost 30 million a year for three years straight (2007, 2008, and 2009). I agree it's unlikely but it's certainly not impossible nor unprecedented. Yes the DS was cheaper, but when accounting for inflation it was around $200. I'd also say that people today are far more receptive to spending more money on electronic devices, such as tablets, phones, computers, and even video game devices.

NotoriousWhiz100d ago

I know I plan on buying a 2nd switch (for my wife) once they have some color options. Eventually, I will get my son one as well. He's a bit young now at 3, but maybe when he turns 5 or 6.

Benjaminkno100d ago

They’re going to enter the Chinese market as well.

The U.S. won’t see half that production in 1 year. It’s going to be a worldwide total.

davand114100d ago

They are currently also expanding into other markets in Asia like China, Taiwan, and Korea. They will most likely need all the units they could manufacture and it won't hurt to have some consoles ready just in case the rush for Pokemon is huge.

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