TGS 08: FFXIII and Versus XIII character names revealed

Square Enix has finally revealed the names of the Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII characters. Nomchan (or "Pigtails girl") is called Sarah or Senon, the prince from Versus XIII is called Noctis and the heroine is Stella.

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TheHater3571d ago

Those names are very Western. I wonder why they choose to go down that road of names?

Sarcasm3571d ago

If you haven't noticed, SE is really trying to Woo the western gamers. Which includes getting on their knees and pleasing Microsoft.

meepmoopmeep3571d ago

if they wanted Western,

the prince should be named: Bob
the pigtail girl: Annie
the heroine: Bertha

FantasyStar3571d ago

"I get down on my knees, pleasing Jesus
I feel his salvation all over my face"

-I know, I'm sorry, but that thought just jumped at me and I felt compelled to post it.

AAACE53570d ago

@Phantasy Star... You sick! haha, but that was funny though! Bubble!

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Grassroots3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Noctis I dig it... Latin meaning "of the night"

I like how they are continuing with the dark theme of the game with the name.

SUP3R3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

That Stella definitely doesn't sit right with me at all. :(
After names like Yuna and Rinoa and Aeris......Stella? :/

Noctis is cool though.

El_Colombiano3571d ago

LMFAO you have a valid point.


Actually, this has a meaning.

They are choosing names that mean something in other language. Like "Versus".

Stella is "Star".

Noctis (not as the article say) is "Night" ("of the night" or "nocturnal" would be Nocturnus). This mislead come from the Flight Simulator called Noctis.

Sarah in Latin (CasSarah) mean "what will be", in Hebrew mean "princess".

Expect more names on this way.

AAACE53570d ago

The names aren't that great after the names from past games! But seriously..."STELLA!" ; Is there anyone on this planet that still has that name?

TheColbertinator3571d ago



Omegasyde3571d ago

'Twas waiting for a west side story remark.

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The story is too old to be commented.