Super Mario Galaxy, 10 Years Later

While fans are busy playing Nintendo's new marvel, Super Mario Odyssey, we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of a possibly greater game: Super Mario Galaxy.

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link2Dpast317d ago

Damn already 10!! Sweet zombie Jesus

laz4rdude317d ago

Do you have to take the Lords name in vain? It offends me

Prince_TFK317d ago

Jesus mother fuckin* christ man.

...oh sorry.

LoveSpuds317d ago

I played Galaxy very recently and I have to say that, in my opinion, there are very few games that can hold up as well at 10 years old. It's an incredible game and what is even more impressive is that I am playing MG2 at the moment and it is even better. Nothing quite like a Mario game for me, they are utterly magical.

Deep-throat317d ago

3D platformers age well. Even Sunshine is still very good. Use emulators to enjoy them in HD.

Prince_TFK317d ago

After playing Mario Odyssey, it is hard to go back to older Mario title because of the timer constantly breathing down your neck.

Vegamyster317d ago

The only 3D Mario's with timers are 3D Land & 3D World.

Chocoburger317d ago

Played it for the first time two years go, many aspects of the game are great, but I didn't care for Wiimote and nunchuck controls. If it had GameCube controller support, I would have liked it a lot more.

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