First footage of Demon's Soul

PSB writes:

Tokyo Game Show 2008 is underway! The first footage of Demon's Soul has hit the net in the form of two gameplay videos from Sony's TGS booth. The videos show a hero fighting some monsters on the outside of the a castle. Hit the jump to see the clips!

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Sevir043482d ago

but at leats we know that this game is well underway with developement and that the game was started last year. and should be done and launched early next year

Le-mo3482d ago

Wow, this person can't record to save his life.

PopEmUp3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

probably he was using the iphone to record the video, so that way he won't get caught well at lease he give us the leach of what it play like but It's a GGI yeh?

CEO of Troll Corp3482d ago

Looks amazing,only on playstation 3

Gambit073482d ago

I'll wait for the official trailer.

TheHater3482d ago

agree, the video was really horrible to say the least

ThatCanadianGuy3482d ago

Must of been one hell of a big camera..

He seemed to have trouble holding it.

gauntletpython3482d ago

It was an iPhone, the showing was a behind closed doors demo, so he was trying not to get caught.

ThatCanadianGuy3482d ago

Ahh that makes sense.I was wondering why he wouldn't just hold the camera still..

Kudos to him i guess,for giving us some gameplay footage

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The story is too old to be commented.