The Resistance, Killzone History.


It was the first time that naked force had to be used in order to maintain the rule of law, but the First Extrasolar War was a resounding military success for the UCA Navy. Collateral damage was minimal, and the more numerous Helghan Militia force inflicted almost zero casualties on us - proving that war on an interstellar level could be fought without significant loss of life.

Thankfully, the Helghan Administration proved not to be insane enough to subject its people to the forcible retaking of the planet Vekta, so the issue was settled with the UCN re-establishing proper control over the wayward colony. But things weren't all smooth sailing: there were violent extremists within the largely grateful Helghan population...

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alexM3421d ago

Can KZ2 kill TGS hype?

very much possible

arakouftaian3421d ago

Just like The guys from Resistance ( insomniac ) do.
It will be cool.

arakouftaian3421d ago

then im sure you will be busy hahahah