Ghost Recon Wildlands' Xbox One X Enhancements Arrive in Latest Patch

Following the Xbox One X's November 7th launch, a slew of games have begun receiving their enhancements updates. Ghost Recon Wildlands is one of them. Download the enhancements and a general patch now.

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Dlaw76126d ago ShowReplies(3)
iggsta3o5126d ago

I just wish Tom Clancy games actually played the way they used to. They feel a little too arcadey recently. Would be great to get a more hardcore shooter that requires more teamwork and cooperation.

WilliamSheridan126d ago

I loved the way the division played early on. If they could make that a realistic non bullet spongy open world MMO where you have to survive... Basically a Division version of PUBG, with ducking behind cars, all the realistic glass shattering we saw in the reveal, then I would jump on buying a sequel...

Finch126d ago

I said the same thing to my friends I play with. If this was more hardcore/sim with the mmo taken out. This could be a game of a life time. But if they just got rid of the mmo it still would be miles better. Mmo part killed the long term enjoyment out of it for us.

glenn1979126d ago

Yep agreed, there fun but to much arcade

126d ago
shuvam09126d ago

So is there a resolution bump or not??

Bigpappy125d ago

lots of it. Textures too.